At the end of the sales :)

  1. Those are some great buys
  2. Great choices! What a find.
  3. here here - I always do this every year, leave the sales for the first 3 weeks and then get in there at the very end and you will nbag some bargains :smile:

    consumer 1 stores 0 ??

  4. Lovely buys! :biggrin:
  5. I like the style of the Chloe top a lot!

    While those are obviously out of my budget range, it is worth noting that when high end stores want to get rid of something, they will mark it down to almost nothing.

    So if you happen to be there on the right day, you can pick up great stuff, even famous names for those who like that, for very little money.

    And not just stuff for you - we recently got a very nice winter jacket for our (Exceptionally Intelligent and Advanced) godson for about $11. I later wished I'd gotten one for me.

    Which brings me to another tip. You will be surprised at how many things in the little boy's department in almost any store will fit you, even if you are not tiny. I can wear our godson's jackets, and he is nine, and I have broad shoulders!
  6. i love the adam + eve vest!