At the end of the Day!


being marc jacobs
Oct 16, 2009
Down Under
OK, first off a confession :shame: - I used to not like Balenciaga. Not just I wasn't interested in the brand but I actually didn't like the look of the bags, and I thought they were, well, boring. To be honest I never really looked into them that much apart from glimpses of pictures on various websites and celebrities carrying them, but they never appealed to me.

So anyway I was doing some decluttering in my house and getting rid of old handbags and doing a bit of an inventory on what I had. I wanted to get a replacement for this hobo/shoulder style bag I had, so I started to look into my various options. I knew that I wouldn't find anything in the style I was after in Marc Jacobs (my true handbag love), so I had to explore other options.

After looking at some various brands, I thought I'd check out the Bal forums, despite my disinterest in the past. All of a sudden it was like a switch in my brain flicked :idea:, and I actually thought, hey I do actually like the look of these bbags! After going through many threads on here, especially the photo ones, that was what really changed my mind. I think it was the giant hardware - most of the pictures I had seen in the past were regular hardware, but it was the giant hardware that captured me.

After looking at the various styles available, I discovered the Day, which was exactly the style of bag I was after. I got in contact with Anna at Bal London, and they had the Day in GGH, in Charbon - I also happened to be looking for a chocolate brown bag, so it was like a match made in heaven. :love:

So now I am having a love affair with Balenciaga :graucho: (sorry Marc), and I present to you my GGH Day in Charbon! :yahoo:

My first bbag box!

Nearly there...


being marc jacobs
Oct 16, 2009
Down Under
Here it is!

Hardware close-up

Filled with some items

In natural light (it was cloudy outside however)

With flash

And my love affair continues, I admit I even like the look of RH bags now, and I have a RH bbag on it's way to me arriving next week, so stay tuned for my reveal then!!


Apr 26, 2008
lilarbelle What a gorgeous purchase!!! BIG CONGRATS! I love The day style with giant Hard ware over regular one too. This colour combo is very very beautiful!!!


Jun 7, 2008
Welcome to the Bbag adiction ;)
That's a gorgeous bag. Such a rich colour and stunning combination.
Many congrats and enjoy it!


I Need More Cowbell
Jan 26, 2008
Charbon and GGH . . . IMO, one of the ultimate combinations! Awesome acquisition, esp. for a first Bbag! Welcome to the addiction!


May 31, 2009
Gorgeous!!! I love how gold stands out on browns, the darker the brown the better! I'm glad you love your first Bal. Cannot wait to see your new RH reveal! Do post her with you receive it!


Love is Love is Love
Apr 19, 2007
In the moment
That bag is beautiful and I am so happy you found a bbag that you love! I have always thought the deep brown Charbon color mixed with GGH was one of the best. I envy that gorgeous bag, congrats!!

Wear it in good health.