At the end of my "rope" - with my neighbour


Sep 4, 2006
United Kingdom
I have lived where I am for 20yrs, a quite country lane in England, but my neighbour has got me to the end of my patience and have know idea what to do.

He has this small dog, that is really really spoilt, while I have nothing against spoilt dogs, think all dogs should be spoilt somewhat, he has taken it to far to the fact the dog does exactly what it wants. I have 3 dogs a Bloodhound and 2 English setters, this dog gets out and runs into my drive stands under the window and barks and growls at my dogs inside. Its got one of my English setters in such a state he really hates this dog now. When the small dog, Ben, does this ornaments get knocked over a clock got broke as my dogs run around trying to get to Ben. So I had a wall built out the front with big gates to keep him out and to protect my property. The other day I went to get the post and this man was walking past with Ben on a Flexi-lead it jump at me and went for me twice, the man is saying things like" Dont do that
Ben" and "Whos being a silly boy" as this dog is lunging at me (He says this in a really silly voice to). I do not want anything to happen to the dog as love all animals but I am frighten about walking down the road now with my English Setter incase I run into Ben, I know that if my ES was lose over the field and saw Ben I think he would kill it as he hates Ben so much. Must point out none of my dogs have ever attack another dog, the Bloodhound runs a mile if a dog is aggressive to him.

I am now going out at daybreak to try and avoid this man and his dog. I have tried talking to him but I think hes "got a few screws loose" in the head and just does not realise about dog behaviour and how aggressive his dog is in body language and with the growling. He thinks as hes dog is so small he does not mean it. I have tried to tell him dogs have no concept of size Ben thinks hes a Great Dane but the man will not have it.

I am scared that if my ES attacks Ben, my ES will get the blame when its Ben that has wound my ES up all these years.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated on how to deal with this problem


Aug 26, 2006
North Carolina
That is a tough situation. So many areas in the U.S. have laws that require dogs not run loose. I don't suppose your area has anything like that to prevent his dog from coming to your yard or when you're at the mailbox? And talking to him doesn't seem to help. You shouldn't have to worry about this, but pet owners can be so clueless. My only idea would be to speak firmly to him, saying you are obviously a dog lover but he needs to control his dog from causing problems, damage, etc.

That's not much help, I know. But you have my sympathy. Best of luck!


Sep 4, 2006
United Kingdom
Yes we do have laws about roaming in the street and I have had a word with our dog warden just to give the man some advice but it has not done any good. Hes a stupid man and nothing seems to sink in his head of what you are telling him, I have tried being nice, tried speaking firmly its just like a no win situation. I just do not want any dog to get hurt at the end of it and I just know one of these days I am going to run into him with my ES off the lead over the field.

Thank you anyway Boxermom for your kind thought


Addicted to Tiffany's
Apr 24, 2006
Maybe carry pepperspray on your walks???

I am so sorry that the man is allowing his dog to carry on like this--how rude and irresponsible!!


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Aug 22, 2006
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I have two dogs one big and one small. The smaller one is actually more dominating than the big one.

It could possible that the man did not train his dog properly or its not well socialized with other dogs.


Jul 15, 2006
I heard about a man who couldn't keep his neighbor's kids off his lawn. Finally, he put a sign up that said, "This grass treated with _______________," and he made up a scientific sounding name, like Triethylene Glycoxinate. Nobody ever wandered around in his yard after that.