1. Well, here's what happened re: the jumbo white "older" classic flap with the black "Chanels" written all over it and the gold h/w that I bid on last night on eBay after having deen it on a customer at the store and falling in love (with the purse, not the customer - although she was a doll :p ) I lost the auction, but after thinking about it all night, realized that actually the main reason I wanted it and bid on it was because of the incredible coincidence of having seen it for auction right after seeing it IRL. So today I stroll into NM on my break and lo and behold, there is sitting a jumbo classic caviar flap with gold h/w, for the OLD PRICE of $1695. I have been thinking for some time now that I am really, in all honestly, chronically hesitant to use my white caviar flap......because of its whiteness. And I really cannot justify spending so much $ on a bag to have to be careful with it (unless its a little evening bag). They said they would switch it for me (because they knew about the color transfer thing that happened and i am an excellent customer :p - anyway bag has all tags, cards, box, dust jacket, etc) but when scanning it, it rang up the new price of $2250 before tax. That would be, for me, a dealbreaker. But to make a long story shorter, they will after all, honor the original price because that's what the price tag did say. so it would be an even exchange and with the black I can forget about having to baby it................
    interesting how things happen.......:yahoo:

    should i exchange it though? the white is stunning and rich but i am hesitant to carry it??!!

    thanks, love you guys

  2. I would. If you're afraid to carry the white, the black is definately the way to go, and the price tag being the old price makes it seem fated.
  3. Go with the black. You'll use it all the time and really enjoy it!

    Plus, it does seem a little fated, now doesn't it?
  4. I say keep the white and buy the black too since at that price it's a bargain. If you can't swing both, then I would exhange the white for sure. You might as well have a bag you can use and enjoy instead of something you are afraid to carry!

    Good luck with your decision--
  5. Get the black, using a white bag would cause too much anxiety!
  6. Another twist of fate...ITA with everyone else's comments, it would be a shame to have such a lovely bag and not use it very much. The black with gold is simply beautiful!! :yes:
  7. In my opinion, the jumbo black classic flap in caviar = THE perfect bag. The size is practical, the caviar leather is durable, the color goes with everything and isn't difficult to care for, AND it's a gorgeous, classic bag! I love mine--can you tell?

    I love a lot of other bags too, but this one is just a really great choice. You will use it a lot for years and years!
  8. Go for it. I agree that if you can swing both, keep the white as well.
  9. Have to agree, no point in having a bag that you can't relax and enjoy using, the black sounds awesome and how can you beat the old price - yippee!!! :yahoo:
  10. ditto =)
  11. What's the point of owning a bag if you don't use it? I think you should get the bag you will actually carry... :yes:
  12. :yes: Get the black one and enjoy it!!! I do love the white leather....
  13. Ooooo...I love both!!! But you should only keep what you'll use... :yes:
  14. I love white! But of course if you won't use it, get the black.
  15. I have the jumbo, black in caviar and I am so happy it is a bag that I can actually use without getting all neurotic. I vote to switch bags.