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  1. about authenticity of a bag you bought elsewhere? and what reply did they give you?

    I went to the Dior Boutique in Orlando today and was carrying my new dior handbag bought from eBay. I asked the SA if he could tell me if it was real or not as i had bought it in eBay and he said sorry but if i wanted it to be authenticated i would have to send it somewhere, through them, where they'd inspect it and authenticate it for $50 :wtf:

    i was like er.. HUH? i just wanted to know if it was fake by an SA's opinion since they're around it like 24/7... not like a written letter?
  2. hm.. maybe they were like ooooh an EBBAAYY purchase. ew. hahahhaha. better not be that way!
  3. When i went to the outlet in bicester the sales assistant commented on my mini gaucho and how it was a great bag - she then went to tell me she had the exact same but in the medium.

    but I think for some experienced SA they can tell straight away if your Dior is a fake. Its probs down there own discretion to give opinion.
  4. i would say SAs are not authorized to authenticate the bags:nogood:...i dont think they get any training in it and for example in my boutique the SAs rotate all the time i am 100% convinced they dont know the half i know about authentic Dior bags. So all the bags that need to be authenticated are sent to Paris as far as i know. Why not post the pics in our authenticate this thread if u dont want to spend extra 50 S?;)
  5. It really depends on the relationship you have with the SA although they are getting stricter with authentications now.

    My lady dior had always bothered me why it did not have an inner tag so my SA sent pics of it through to head office for an opinion. No charge.
  6. In regards to your question, working for the luxury company a SA although they would know, is not allowed to comment on the authenticity of a product. They will only be trained on current season collections or be familiar with bags depending on how long they have been with the company and if it is from previous seasons they may presume is fake when it might be real. If you make the choice to purchase outside official Boutiques you take the risk of it being couterfeit and if they offered this service to customers then by association they are supporting this industry. 99% of the time items on eBay are fake but realistically not everyone can afford to own a beautiful designer/dior creation. Price is a huge indication if you pay $100 when it retails for $2000 in a boutique its fake. Hope this helps you :smile:
  7. As far as I know, SAs at Dior boutiques usually do not "officially" authenticate bags. Although, if you worked with a SA for a while, they will usually examine the bag for you and give feedback.

    I also second natalia's message about Dior SAs being not as knowledgeable. I took my Dior Girly Boston bag in (purchased at the same Dior boutique) to ask the best way to clean the bag and the SA didn't even know Dior came out with that collection! :hrmm:
  8. That's rather sad considering how popular that collection was :wtf:
  9. ^^That auction doesn't end for 8 days.
  10. But irrespective the seller has taken the risk that the bag may only sell for that price ;)
  11. Many yrs back i actually bought a Dior Mono messenger bag fr Ebay(b4 i knew of TPF of coz).
    When the bag arrived, it just didn't looked right.
    So i brought it to my local Dior boutique and asked the SA for help in authenticating it. She said that she can't authenticate the bag but she was helpful enough to bring out the same model she has and helped me compare the differences.
    She never outrightly confirm that my bag was fake(maybe coz she didn't want to embarrass me) eventhough at the end of the day, we both knew it was. :shame:
    Needless to say, i emailed the seller and he gave me a full refund.
  12. ITA with nat, i know SAs are trained to be updated about their current collection, but sometimes even when one asks them about a piece from the current collection, one could be met with a blank stare (it's happened to me several times, although thankfully they will always have their own catalogue - for reference - in store along with upcoming pieces).

    as for ebay, i think that with tPF and some careful inspection of the auction, there are some really good bargains out there. price-wise, it's hard to really make a call, especially since i've noticed that a fair bit of dior items floating about on ebay are from past collections that have made it to the outlet stores. so price is really no clear indicator since an ebay seller could well have bought it from the outlets and thus can afford to sell it at a much reduced price. i remember May selling her diors for a steal too and quite honestly, the resale value of a dior bag isn't particularly high, so i can see how a $2000 bag can end up on ebay for $200, though of course as a general rule, fakes are priced rather cheaply.
  13. Ultimate chic said; Not always, here's a prime example of a $2000 bag for $100 that isn't fake, there are bargains out there to be had.

    Sorry darl that flight bag is a massive fake!! In that collection the straps are connected to the bag above the D clasp not below. To the untrained eyes it may look similiar but to me this looks like a hybrid of a Birkin.
  14. Sorry I have to disagree because the dior flight totes don't have the straps connected above the D. It's the dior flight shopper that is connected above the D. Same collection, differerent bags ;)

    dior flight.jpg