At the Armory Show...

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  1. Oops. Forgot to look for the artist's name.

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  2. What is the armory

    from a Brit

    It looks like a big witch, s hat
  3. beaumonde, I'm glad you posted this!
    I was watching the news this morning and I'm watching
    this story about the Armory Art Show, and while
    they're talking about some other piece, I notice
    the orange and H logo in the background right away! :smile:

    I love it. :smile:

    Here's information on the Armory Show:
  4. That is a sculpture by Jonathan Seliger. It is an edition of 3 and is bronze painted with automobile paint and is appropriate for outdoor use.

    $75,000 USD

    Jonathan Seliger has produced other "shopping bags" in bronze from labels including Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, Cartier, Gucci and Bulgari. Most of the others are regular sized "bags".

    Jane Holzer ("Baby" Jane) from the Warhol clan collects them as well as Hermes bags.
  5. ^ Thanks Castorny!

    I've seen the Bulgari also...

    Sorry for the crap cameraphone pic, everyone!
  6. Thanks beaumonde, you find the neatest stuff!
  7. Thanks for posting this!! I had heard of Seliger's work before but never had a chance to see it! Looks incredible.
  8. Thanks for the great picture!
  9. castorny, Thanks for the background information. :smile: