Tech AT&T U-Verse: Who Has It?

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  1. My DH and I have decided to make the switch from Comcast Digital Cable to AT&T U-Verse. The price is comparable, plus there are a few features AT&T has that we both like, that Comcast does not offer.

    We are getting the U-400 TV package (which includes all the basic stuff + all movie channels + sports package)...3 HD boxes, the 6.0 Mbps Internet package and Unlimited Voice phone package. Comes to something like $190/month...about $5 more than we are paying Comcast right now.

    The additional AT&T features we like:
    • DVR in one room and watch it in another
    • DVR up to 4 shows at once
    • Watch the same recorded show in different rooms at the same time
    • Program your DVR from any computer or cell phone w/Internet capabilities
    • Check recent calls on the TV
    • We can add a box to our guest room (we've never had one in there before...guests will enjoy it!)

    • The Internet we have now is 12.0 Mbps -- we are downgrading to 6.0 Mbps. Not quite sure of the difference, but I guess we'll find out.

    Anyone have AT&T U-Verse? Do you like it? What packages do you have?
  2. We have it and love it. It is way cheaper than our cable bill was, and we get more channels than before plus the DVR features. We have one of the more basic packages (maybe the second one up?), but it has been more than enough channels for us so far.

    Unless you do a lot of internet gaming or something that takes hefty internet connection (like my DH), I doubt you will notice the difference in internet speed. If you do miss your higher Mbps you can upgrade to faster for a pretty nominal fee I think. :yes:

    Overall it has been a very reliable service, and the one issue we had was handled very quickly with no charges for the house tech visit. :tup:
  3. We signed up today and they install everything in 2 weeks!

    The only thing we do on the Internet is ebay, facebook, myspace and hubby reads articles on espn. No gaming or anything like I'm hoping we won't even notice the difference. If we do, you're right...I think it's only $5 or $10 more to bump it up to where we were before.
  4. I wish I did. The packages look way great!
    DH had wanted it but our apt is too old and we would have to change our outlets.
  5. I have it. It's worth it.
  6. I'm hoping that wherever I move to in Miami will have access to this service!