at nordstrom rack...

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  1. I just went to my local nordstrom rack (in lynnwood, wa) ... they had like 1 purse which I thought was super ugly and small... but then they had about 30-40 sunglasses (sorry I can't remember names) and they also had some shoes. I almost bought a pair but then I had to stop myself because a) they were actually a 1/2 size too big and b) i'm saving for a new bathing suit ... BUT if they are there next week I might just have to go back!!! :P

  2. Those shoes are cute!! I've considered those a few times, how much were they going for?
    P.S. - Go Mariners!
  3. Wow! I love the Lynnwood Nordstrom Rack! No worries...I won't go buy YOUR shoes. :nogood:

    BTW, what did the purse look like. Was it the black satin framed clutch?

  4. DEF GO M'S!!!!!!! :yahoo:

    ... They were $70 and they also had a few other kinds.. like pumps ($120ish) and a pair of flats ($70? I can't remember now lol) ... I hope they get more in soon!! :P
  5. The purse was small, white satin-ish.. it looked kind of grubby to be honest and it wasn't even with the other purses... I found it while looking for clothes.. hmmm. :tdown:

    Oh and the shoes right now are only sizes 9.5 and higher, I hope they get more in soon as I'm actually 8-8.5 :P
  6. great shoes but I would have been all over those sunglasses!!! Was it a good deal on them?
  7. Some of the sunglasses were $60 and some were $100+ ...
    Sorry I don't know names, I'm horrible at the names of sunglasses and shoes :P
  8. Hmmm...doesn't sound too pretty. Thanks for saving me a trip!

    Hehe! We wear the same size shoes!!! I’ll give you heads-up if I see any in our size. :yes:

  9. Awesome sounds good!! ... I'll do the same :graucho:

    PS are you going up to the Marysville/Tulalip outlets this weekend for the Memorial Day sale?!?!
  10. wow! those are tooo cute i have to go check out my Nordstroms rack room
  11. Yep, you know it! :tup: I was thinking about heading to the Burlington outlet too. They have signature items!!! :yahoo:
  12. I bought these shoes last week at my Rack here in PDX. I love them, although they are very busy. They are fairly comfortable.

    The question is: Would a holiday patchwork tote be way too much pattern? Too matchy-matchy?