At my wit's end-Is this the terrible 2's?

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  1. DS is 19 months and had a single ear infection 3 weeks ago and we beat it. Then last week, he was diagnosed with a double ear infection and during that appt, the dr. gave him his flu booster b/c he was due for it. That was last Monday and my life hasn't been the same since.
    Wed he started to feel flu-ish. He had a fever, sleeping a ton etc. Same Thursday. We chalked it up to feeling crumby b/c of the ear infection. DH stayed home with him on Thursday and said he took 2 three hour naps. Then I stayed home on Friday. He took one nap, for 1 hour and 20 minutes and spent the entire rest of the day SCREAMING unless I was pushing him in a stroller. SCREAMING!!! He was acting needy, wouldn't let me put him down...not even to play. I probably held him and carried him for 80% of the entire day. Then Saturday, fever is gone but now he is just acting like a terror. Getting into everything, not responding to no, not eating and throwing his food at me instead, whining and screaming constantly. If he starts playing with something he shouldn't be and I take it away and try to redirect his attention, he throws a fit, full blown screaming, throwing himself on the ground, kicking his legs etc. I am getting worried that the illness has passed but the temperment is here to stay. I don't even recognize my toddler anymore. He is usually so happy and easy going. I am going nuts!! Any advice?
  2. Oh Fashion so sorry. My little one started the terrible 2's about 2 months ago. I'm not sure if the shots triggered the temperment but I know with mine it's lasted more than I care for. It's not all the time, but he will throw himself down in a fit. I have gotten to where I give him about 2-3 mins to calm down if it is a fit. If he doesn't he goes into his crib and I say no fit. I let him calm down in there. Most of the time he only needs 3-4 mins to calm down. Today though it was 10. I guess they have their days! GL and PM me if you need to vent or anything!
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    sorry about that. 1 thing i learned from other grandmas is even when the little one is sick do Not over indulge them with things/action u normally will not give/allow when the little one is well. i think he just need to adjust ...

    dd is currently 2.5 years old. sometimes i leave dd alone for a short while (in a safe child proof room) when i know i'm at my ends and need to cool down. after a short while (sometimes immediately) dd will stop and realize mummy is very sad and understand she has gone overboard. i rarely does this, maybe 2-3x to date and only when i'm really really very upset.
  4. No, that's not "terrible two's" IMO, that's trying to get over an illness.
    He's little world hasn't been the same for a bit, he'll adjust back.
  5. i think it's normal when ill at that age. give it a week.
    and the terrible 2s are not necessarily at two. i have a 4 yr old that was great at 2 and now a terror.
  6. It could just be from the illness. Give him a few more days to readjust. Terrible two's can start at any time!!!

    When my 2 1/2 year old throws a fit I just sit and watch her until she calms down. The key is not to yell or give too much attention because then the fit escalates! Good luck and I know how hard it is!
  7. I think he maybe just tired and cranky from being sick and trying to get better. Have you taken him back to see if his ear infections have been cleared up?

    Did you say that the Dr. give him his flu shot while he had a fever? I'd be concerned about that. My pedi never gives any vaccinations while my kids a running any time of fever. Even as an adult I was told to come back for a flu shot while I was feeling a bit under the weather.
  8. i too am thinking it's probably from the infection and the shot that he is cranky and doesn't know what to do with himself.

    hang in there, dear-once he is feeling better, he will be back to being the happy and easy-going boy that he usually is. hope he gets better soon :heart:

  9. Thanks ladies. The dr. gave him the shot when he had an ear infection...but not the fever. The fever followed the flu shot. :sad: Today was a little better. Fingers crossed we are out of the woods by this weekend.
  10. Hope he is over it. My son started a bit late with the terrible twos, but it did definitely hit. All of my mommy friends and I talk about the insane tantrums over minor things. I can't tell you how long now I've been working on having him not shriek "NOOO" at me over minor things (e.g. "Would you like some apple?" "NO! NO!" "Honey, please don't raise your voice. Just say, 'No, thank you.'") We did at least get past the point where he was for some reason shrieking "No ni ni ni ni ni ni ni" as no. So I guess I should be thankful there's some progress. LOL. Anyway...hope it's just a case of post-illness crabbies and he gets over this quickly. I do definitely find the clinginess goes way, way up when DS is sick. We are off for a flu shot on Weds.; I need to remember to put some chocolate in my bag for him.
  11. Have you tried giving him some Tylenol or baby Advil?
    May ease any little discomforts he still may have = improve his mood.
  12. I am out of town for business this week but DH says he is doing a little better. yes, we have been doing the baby Tylenol/Motrin routine the last several days.
    I can't wait to get back to town. I hope he is doing much better...