At my rope's end, where can I find Fendi Radio bag?

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  1. Please let me know if you have any ideas where I can buy a Fendi Radio. I saw one on eBay months ago and still kick myself for not buying it. More recently there was a pale yellow one on eBay but I didn't care for the color.

    Any thoughts on where I can find a radio bag? I'm tired of scouring the internet, which I've been doing every day for the last 5+ months! Please help!
  2. Ooh, that's a toughie! I haven't seen one in a while now. But like you said, just keep checkin eBay :yes: :flowers:
  3. They had the Radio bag in the outlets about a year ago. Once they leave the outlets, thats it. The only place to get one would be on eBay which I do not recommend.
  4. Thanks Fendilover, although that's bad news. Did they discontinue it? They're such cute and unique bags, I don't understand why they don't continue making them.
  5. The radio bag was a "fashion bag". SO they made them for that season that they came out, but didn't come out with the bag again in a later season. At least not yet. But if I see one, I will definitely let you know. I really liked the radio bag. It came in great colors and it had some really cute shoes to match. But I will not torture you anymore =)
  6. Oh please feel free to torture me! I love bag torture! :nuts: And thanks for keeping an eye and ear out for me in case they come back.;)
  7. Thanks Nizlay, but that's not the one. That's the Vanity bag, also very nice, but Radio is much harder to find.
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