At my marc jacobs counter today, I knocked down a stam :( lol

  1. I was totally embarrassed, it fell on the glass stand then on the floor, I could've cried :crybaby:Found out how much it is for a clutch though, £240, and managed to inform SO how much my purse was for my bday :p oh and it was in grey, I didn't like it in grey though, looked kinda light bluey
  2. have you seen the blue stam on your travels??
  3. I set an alarm off on a Prada bag once - i went soooooooo red!!!
  4. Lol! Nope, my counter's tinyyyyy like 8 different bags, and 2 clutches :sad: lol
  5. i've been trying to get the blue stam for agesssssssssssssss & i cant :sad:
  6. is it harvey nicks you go to?
  7. there was a blue stam at Neiman Marcus in fashion island (newport beach) as of feb. 12.....
  8. thanks - just with being in the uk its hard to going to the ~USA in july so if worse comes to worse am hoping it will still be out & i cant get it then......
  9. Yeah Lots_of_bags :smile: Are you in teh UK? Where abouts??? Also, we could meet up and go to the MJ store just opened in London if you fancied it :smile: Not going for a few months yet though :p
  10. Am in glasgow :smile:
  11. MJ store in London - sounds like a plan!!

    Did nicks have anything new in?
  12. Lots_of_bags
    Didn't notice any blue Stams at the new MJ store in London. But then they didn't really have that much in :smile:
  13. omg Lots of bags, we're like next door to each other! *hugs*
  14. its the cobalt blue am looking for....

    i know venetia - think we've found a shopping buddy!!!!