At LV in Paris Right Now and Nothing :(

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  1. Can you believe that I am in Paris right now, all ready to purchase something from the flagship LV store and NOTHING catches my eye??!!! This is so depressing! I had a huge wishlist; with a Chanel being in top of my list, but still wanted to get something from LV. Ack, I need to make a decision as I'm leaving back home soon.
  2. Neverfull in epi?
  3. W? W Pochette, Pallas Pochette?? How about one of the new Mono bags.. The New Damier pieces, maybe some luggage? Or one of them vintage trunks :graucho:
  4. Get emp speedy :smile:
  5. Oh no! :nogood:, I will be in Paris next week. Did you see the new favorite bag?
    I do have another non LV bag on top of my list but I will buy the Favorite if its available/love it.
  6. I second purple........someone posted as part of reveal to day and I'm still drooling....HAHAH!!!
  7. Go with the coral epi color. Perfect for summer !
  8. Have you tried the Empreinte Monogram Montaigne MM? It comes in Black (Noir) and the most beautiful Amethyste.

    I have this handbag and it has quickly become one of my favorites! Good luck! You really need something from the Flagship store in Paris.

    (It was closed for renovation when I was there :cry:smile:
  9. You have to get SOMETHING, ANYTHING! It's Paris!!!!!!
  10. Totally DE MIF with some bag charm? :smile:
  11. Keep us updated :smile:
  12. I am sad to say...I didn't end up getting anything! I really wanted just a speedy mono bag, but my husband said that it was just too "boring" and could get it anywhere. I wasn't up to spending alot of $$ because I just bought the Chanel classic flap in M/L and spent alot right there. And to be honest, I've never been into the empreinte line or the others. Plus, I think I was getting stressed thinking of going through customs and all that stuff that I just decided on my Chanel and that's that. Sorry to disappoint all of you... :shucks: But I am really happy with my Chanel flap. :yahoo:
  13. That's ok. I am glad you are happy :smile:
  14. You should have got that speedy in mono. You can't get a made in france here in USA. Assuming you are here in the US
  15. I second everyone else. Get a bag that you know you can't get MIF in the US, assuming you are in the US.

    Like the Speedy B, the Delightful, the Neverfulls, the new Totally MM DE (I just got mine, MIU but I still love her).