At Lunch Today...

  1. my friend and I were sitting having lunch and some guy approached us and put his business card on our table and said, "If you ladies are interested I work for a company that sells bags exactly like the ones you ladies are carrying right now". (I had my Batignolles Horizontal and my friend had her Speedy 25). :wtf:

    I said, "Ummm actually the only place to get authentic Louis Vuitton is at Holt Renfrew or the actual LV store".

    His response: "Oh the ones you guys have are real?" :cursing:

    Ummmm YEAH!!!! I felt so insulted!!!

    He then said that they sell Gucci and Prada, etc. and I said "Not a chance buddy!!" and he left.

    I was just so shocked that he would just assume that our bags are fake.

    That's the first time I've ever had anything like that happen and I must felt GREAT knowing I was carrying the real deal.

    Just wanted to share!!!
  2. UGH! I would have taken his card and reported him! LOL I hate that kinda crap!
  3. What nerve:wtf:! I would have been insulted, too!:cursing:
  4. :throwup:

    how rude!
  5. OH my should take his card and use his phone # for embarrasing personal ads..LOL
  6. Juk :throwup:
  7. ITA! The nerve of him! Grrrrr...
  8. :yucky: Ewwww! Did he leave a slimy trail after him as he left?
  9. My goodness, the NERVE on that guy to just assume you had a fake! He must not know his own product very well if he could ever think his fakety fake could compare with the real deal you girls were carrying!

    I like your idea Bagsnbags, but I have a feeling it wouldn't be very effective. Someone who solicits strangers in public to sell fake bags for a living without embarassment can't sink much lower!!
  10. LOL
  11. Ewww what a sleazeball!!
  12. Oh...that is just plain rude! What's up with all these fakes sellers?!? :mad:
  13. what a moron....
  14. Lol!
  15. Very rude. :cursing: