At Long Last!

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  1. Somebody played hookey from the gym today and went to Bicester instead. :graucho:
  2. ooooooooh what did you get? I'm so envious of all you guys getting to go to the outlets!
  3. What is it, what is it!!!!!!!??????:graucho:

    Tell all!
  4. A decision in my taste... Would also skip the gym for a Mulberry outlet! Not that I ever visit a gym though.:P

    What is it?!? What did you get!!!???!!!:woohoo:
  5. Sorry ladies I'm just re-sizing some pictures. Can't anybody guess?
  6. oak Antony?
  7. erm- didn't you say you were thinking of a handsfree bag when with the snot machine. I vote Antony too!!!
  8. Finally, at long last I actually managed to get my first Mulberry :yahoo: Inspired by Jo and Ali and needing to be hands free whe I'm with the snot machine I got an Antony.

    For reference I'm just under 5ft 3 and a UK 14.

    Just for Ali I've done some what's inside shots and I must admit I'm really impressed what I can fit inside with still room on top to spare for a pack of tissues and hand wipes.
    Antony.jpg Antony2.jpg Antony4.jpg Whats Inside2.jpg Whats Inside.jpg
  9. Forgot to add - it's a special purchase (one made just for the outlets) so it has no front pocket. They also left the tag in place, (I know there has been some debate over this) and they have listed the colour as dark brown.

    Please excuse the dust on my mirror - not only did I play hookey from the gym to go shopping I also played hookey from the housework :shame:
    Antony Tag.jpg
  10. Beautiful colour now you need matching purse lol
  11. Looks fabulous and such a useful bag! Can i be a bit dim and ask what colour and leather it is, it doesn't look light enough to be oak or dark enough to be the choco darwin! I know the outlets tend to use different leathers/ colours!
  12. ^^^^ you answered my question while I was still typing it!!!!
  13. It is great! And a really nice colour too! And it seems like you can stuff loads of things in it! Hope it is snot-proof:P! Well done!
  14. Ooh, it's gorgeous, riffraff. I love the colour - it looks like a really well aged oak bag from your photo :tup: The size suits you, too :yes:

    Congratulations :yahoo:
  15. Well I bought some collonil so hopefully, fingers crossed, it will be snot proofed by the time I next see her.