At long last - Reveal

  1. Congrats!
  2. Congratulations! It's beautiful :heart:
  3. Absolutely fabulous! :drool:
  4. I love this color, too! It's such a beautiful bag.
  5. Cocolo!! I am so so happy you finally got her:ghi5:. . . what an absolute show-stopper! Beautiful color and leather and the braided handles are just so delicate and feminine; I totally love it and I'm sure you are SO stoked- major congratulations on this one!
  6. Your new Magnolia is beautiful!!! The leather looks so soft and pretty! I love the ruffles and the braided handles! It is a super gorgeous bag! Congratulations! Enjoy that beauty!
  7. What a gorgeous bag! Lovely and feminine without being over-the-top. Less fussy than Valentino. Congrats!
  8. omg that bag is amazing, i think i might have to venture out into a new brand :heart:
  9. ^^^^Go for it tinad. I love this bag. It is so wonderful. The leather, the ruffles, the whole design! I may have to go for it in Charcoal Grey as well. That is how much I am loving it. I haven't been able to put it away since it came. I just love it too much. I hope Treesje keeps making more colors each season. This is their "IT" bag. I want more, more more. There are a couple of great looking mini magnolias in teal on Bonanza, but I'm not sure the mini is for me. I really gravitate to the full size. But it has me thinking.

    Aster Alice still has some purple, bordeaux, and the charcoal grey in both full size and mini. I have gotten so many compliments on this bag. I hope you go for one!
  10. I am flying home from work, because the same Magnolia is waiting for me at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Finally, with a promo I was able to buy it. Now, this will be absolutely the last bag I buy in a while, since I am sort of on a strict diet (money wise) and this purchase just happened to be an equivalent of a year's worth of tiramisu dessert while being on Atkins.
  11. Oh RufikPufik I am jumping for joy about this for you. How absolutely awesome. If it was purchased during the last 'secret' sale, I was so tempted to order the Charcoal Grey one, but knew I would be in such deep doodoo with my DH.

    You will adore this bag. Congratulations. Want to see lots of pictures when you get it. And like you, I swore this is 'the last bag' I need for a while. So happy about the discount, and that you were able to get it. Wait till you hold it, and smell it, and caress it. It is the one! Congrats again.
  12. The bag is very beautiful, even though the purple is more like violet, but I knew it already. I know that back in 2010 when AA were sending out info on the special order Magnolia, the color swatch presented was purple, more blue in the purple than any pink undertones. Then when bags came in, it was clear that color was not the same. I definitely would have loved the purple that Treesje had before, the one that is more of a that scrumptious smoky purple that looks like velvet, but this one is cute too. Although I can not say I am deeply in love with the color. But the bag is HEAVYYYYYYYY. Even for me, I am a queen of large and sometimes heavy bags, for the compact and relatively small bag, it is heavy. Ruffles are adorable though. They make the whole bag, because without ruffles it is just a variation of an Asher. Ruffles rock!
    This is going to be my next bag to wear, I just started wearing new Junior Drake after donating another very worn Junior Drake to the trash bin, so Magnolia would have to rest for a minute or two. Hope I have enough years to wear all the bags that I have had accumulated since I found this forum :smile:
  13. I know what you mean about the different color purple, from the one that was advertised when it was up for pre-order. I was so in love with the anticipated color.


    I wonder if she still has this solitary bag, and is it available for sale. But since I am a true lover of all shades of purple, I quickly adjusted to the new color, and now I can truly say it has grown on me, and I love it. But when they first showed the actual color, I was really bummed out. Hope you come to love it as well.

    I agree the ruffles are wonderful, and I love the braided handles. It is still my HG, and I really truly see more Magnolias in my future.

    Once again, congratulations, and hope as you wear it, you grow to love it more.
  14. Lovely bag! I'm waiting on my bag to arrive next week, we'll be bag twins! Any chance on a few modeling pics?
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    I have this bag as well..She is super pretty. I know you will love it!

    * I will post pics in a new thread for you and a few others interested in this bag*