At long last, it's here!


Resting B!tch Personality
Feb 20, 2006
Larnaca, Cyprus
It's been a good Black Friday so far, and I haven't even gone shopping yet :lol:! I've finally acquired the last bag on my Discontinued List, and some of you would know that I've been sniping and griping about it since June. Then at long last, I got it last week, thanks to my little purse angel, karman :love:, who saw that rebeccalou was selling it on eBay.

I didn't expect it to arrive today, because of Thanksgiving, and in fact, just yesterday I was wondering when it would be here. This pretty much completes my collection for now, because none of the new things appeal to me -- unless I decide to descend upon my parents with my graduation/birthday/Christmas wishlist :graucho:, which only consists of two bags anyway.

So ladies and gentlemen, here's my last discontinued bag:

Epi Jasmin Lilac :love:

rebeccalou must have one hell of a camera, because she managed to photograph all the minuscule flaws that i can't see at all with the naked eye. it looks practically flawless, except for a tiny mark on one of the handles, and scratches on the zippers, which don't really bother me anyway. I absolutely love the color, and I swear, the pictures don't do it justice.

And eventually I'll have to retake some photos of my collection all over again :hysteric:. Visual aids will come later :biggrin:!


have it! keep it!
Sep 21, 2006
Simply elegant, Sandra!:love:

The looonnggg wait is over. Can't wait to see the entire collection...:shame: :yes:


Sep 11, 2006
I'm glad you finally got the lilac epi jasmin you've been searching for. It's lovely. :biggrin: