At least the fakers are trying...?

  1. I walked past a Shoe Pavilion and saw the handbag rack through the window. Of course, I gotta go inside and look because I saw a woven leather handle with knots.

    They had a fake Spy, in denim with dark brown leather trim with the coin purse and tube compartment for $60. It was not even an "inspired by", just a downright fake. When I opened the bag, there was a separate zippered compartment in the front. I wish Fendi would do this!!!! I always have to fish around to find stuff in my Spy because it's just a gaping hole.

    Needless to say, I didn't buy the fake. But I just imagined the scenario where the designers at the counterfeit company had a meeting and decided to put a zip compartment in there to improve upon the authentic to say and found it somewhat humorous.
  2. very funny! i totally agree!
  3. I about died when I walked into that place!
    COUNTERFEITS everywhere!
  4. Omg... YES I've seen SOOOOOOOOO many people with the fake ones. they're ALL OVER the place at those little carts at the mall and what not... so sad!
  5. i had a classmate who shamelessly carried a FAKE spy and walked into class..and sat ACROSS from me and my REAL SPY. she was sooo clueless about spy bags though, bc she bought a really really bad fake..haha..maybe she should have read our forum first! haha

    she bought the fake version of the cloth spy..the one that is fabric and has the Fendi F logo all over. the handle on that bag does not have spikes. so this girl, on her fake spy, the handles are wrong and it had

    she had no clue though..she looked at mine (i have the honey) and saw spikes so she thought hers should have it too...hahahahaa.... :shame:

    some pp vain..hehe:roflmfao:
  6. oh my gosh. i hate fake spy bags, cuz most of them are so OBVIOUSLY fake. everywhere i see, it's FAKE FAKE FAKE spy bags. makes me sad. but whatever. you're right.. at least they're trying.. i guess.
  7. I saw this girl at the mall with a fake Spy bag, it was so horrid!
    She saw me looking at it and probably thought it was in envy :lol:
  8. I've been flaunting my honey spy and my coworker got a fake zucca print... I'm no fendi expert but it was very obvious, because i have the real thing..... sometimes i wonder if just the general public can tell.
  9. you have to be able to tell, the quality and design is just not there - it' just like being able to point out a great suit versus a cheapie:yes:
  10. Just look into ebay and you will see all kinds of fake Spies there. They have spies I have never ever seen before in my entire life!