At least someone who understands!

  1. Yesterday, I carried my 30cm vermillion Birkin at work. One of my colleagues who have never seen it before went up to me to check on something else work-related.

    She saw my bag which was facing backwards and said, "What a lovely color and shape!" She then turned the bag around and saw the brand.

    She then reacted, "Wow, you are just amazing! That is one beautiful bag and look at the craftsmanship. That is one good investment!"

    That made me so happy! This lady carries her LV epi bag most of the time and I was so happy that people at my workplace are so understanding! Whenever my boss, the boss of my boss, and other colleagues also see me with my H bags, they just remark that they're beautiful purses! Well, there are 2 other ladies here who also carry Birkins, so I guess that helps!
  2. La Van, I am so happy for you that you are in a work environment with colleagues who appreciate Hermes. It just makes it so much more enjoyable and happier, doesn't it?
  3. LaVan, you wear H so well - it is like an extension of you. Isn't it nice when other people notice? Good for you!!
  4. I'm sure it's fun to share that!!! I'm still not truly comfortable sharing the info on my bag(s) for some reason...but probably because I've not ever seen anyone around carrying them as well!
  5. I know what you mean shoes...I tend to keep my bags to myself, just enjoying the beauty/craftmanship myself (and all of you!)
  6. I second Ninja Sue! :smile:
    La Van, I always enjoy your pics at the Hermes Action thread! :love:
  7. Thank you for the compliments.

    I think this shows also the diversity of "work culture" in every company and country. While at my workplace, nobody cares what bags people carry, in other workplaces, it's totally the opposite.

    What was interesting was that when I carry my H bags, my colleagues make remarks whether or not they know the brand or see the logo. Most of the time, I have the bag backwards. People just seem to realize that it's a nice shape bag, good color, leather and craftsmanship. People at my office when they see a nice bag, they tend to "fundle it" and ask for permission if they can carry it.

    The lady who then turned my bag and then saw the logo, she didn't even realize that it was Hermès until she turned the bag around and saw the brand name. When she saw it was Hermès, she said that it's a good investment since the bag is so well made.
  8. That's so wonderful, LaVan, to work in such a convivial atmosphere. (What a nice change from all the stories of cattiness in the workplace.)

    I was at a bank meeting a little while back and was carrying my 35 cognac birkin (also turned backwards at the time), and a woman gave her a long admiring look, then discreetly leaned over and quietly said, "Lovely bag." I thanked her, and we both smiled and gave each other a little secret-society-like nod.
  9. ^ that's the best, Gina!

    LaVan, your story is so nice and refreshing!
  10. Gina - Yes, it is really great when you meet people in the office who understands. That's a lovely story of yours!
  11. LaVan and Gina, what lovely and encouraging stories.
  12. It sounds like you work with a wonderful group of people. Glad to hear it.
  13. How wonderful LaVan to have thos at work appreciate your good taste!
  14. ^^^That is so great that you work in an environment that can truly appreciate fine and well-made Hermes!! You carry all your items well LaVan, it is "your beautiful inner spirit" that makes everyone appreciate how you look and carry your self.
  15. La Van, I have seen your photos carrying your bags and have to say that not only are they beautiful and elegant but so are you. Thanks for sharing with us the newies that do not have any H bags yet but dare to dream...