At least it's authentic....

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  1. I'd say that's been used and abused.
  2. That's too bad, because I think it would be a cute bag if it wasn't so... Filthy.
  3. :wtf:

    Now, I hope the ending price on this one doesn't go through the roof like the pink shearling Kooba!
  4. this is how I would expect the bag of a star to look, like Britney Spears. They get so much stuff for free, have unlimited bags, Kooba is nothing to them. I can't imagine a regular person like myself, who has to work and save for months and months to purchase my bag, would treat it like this. Either a star or someone with a lot of money.
  5. Ewwwww!!
  6. I wonder what their house looks like!
  7. That is one dirty bag!! (Good thing I'm not talking about a person...)
  8. I bet they have dogs because I can say from experience that it kind of looks like dog slobber on the side of the bag. :lol:

    Hey, at least it's only nine bucks--somebody will be happy if that's all they can afford. Heck, I used to buy some really torn up vintage stuff when I was a broke college student, and then either clean it up, or go with the "ragged" look.
  9. That is serious wear and tear. I wonder if you can steam clean leather??? Someone could get a bargain if they knew how to clean the thing.
  10. Wow so grubby. I'd rather own a no brand name then buy a dirty bag like that unless it was somehow salvagable.
  11. :crybaby: Wow! Poor thing.
  12. I bet loving my bags would be able to restore the bag.
  13. Ahh!!! Creighbaby! I knew your name looked familiar---I JUST 10 minutes ago put you in my 'favorite sellers' you have some great bags for sale right now---I'm watching one :smile:

  14. Ick. That definitely falls under the category of "used and abused".