At last she has arrived!....

  1. Octavia's been ennobled already! - careful Rox, don't let her get the better of you:cool:

    Rouge Noir Mitzy and I were in a Hackney 'caff' today, proper stewed tea from a pot, don't think Octavia would have liked it at all!
  2. Don't know about that - Hackney is well trendy - hubby and I hail from just up the road (Westbourne Grove/Portobello - pretty much Bayswater - so she def approves of that!!!...):graucho:....but the builders brew would probably be a stretch too far!:p
  3. :roflmfao::woohoo::yahoo::woot::nuts::giggles:......

    Actually it's a good job there weren't any decent red onions in the supermarket (had to go for white) - otherwise I would have made Lady O watch me CHOP them, s l o w l y (from a safe distance of course!)...:graucho:
  4. Haha this these posts have had me in fits! Actually red onions are the only onions I like, so I would love one of octavia's sisters in the future.

    Absolutely lurve the gunmetal/purple combo. Congratulations!
  5. :roflmfao:!!..... you probably think we are stark raving bonkers - and you would be absolutely spot-on about that - but hey, it's a little frivolous fun in a very grey and miserable :rain:Summer!

    ....but thanks armcandy for your lovely compliments - I love dear O more and more - but I don't tell her to her face as I do have to keep her in check....;)
  6. "stark raving bonkers". Ha! Love that. I am so going to use it!
  7. Ummm, yes. I know what you mean. I am going to have to enlist my son's help on that front too. Dreading the disdain he is bound to show me. As it is, he thinks all girls have in their heads is fluff and ribbon. Hah! WRONG! There's handbags too! Hee Hee! (He doesn't mean it really). If this is potty - Long Live Potty!
  8. Here here sacdujour! - actually I was thinking of starting a new thread re: PFS (a recognised medical condition - Purse Forum Syndrome....tongue in cheek of course - I am beginning to wonder whether I really am going doolally) - and peoples anecdotes in relation to this ie how it impinges (quite considerably) on real life - multi-tasking goes out the window and we all become completely transfixed and obsessed by MUCH more important things (bags, of course!!!.... - what do you reckon....could be a wheeze - anything to brighten up this utterly foul Summer!:biggrin:
  9. Oh, yes. Count me in. That sounds like the perfect antidote to a soggy summer. I think it could be a very long thread. Would not like to know how many hours I have spent trawling this forum and since discovering it in January ....
  10. I fear it is our (and a lot of others) guilty pleasure!! - TPF is my default setting on my laptop (hehe!).....I'll get on to that then!....;)
  11. Rox I am completely with you, .... as I was saying to lovely Mo earlier my house has become a bombsite whilst I trawl the internet for research and bargains and my once lovely showhome is now something that resembles a home that has had several teenage parties :shocked: (P.S. don't go giving any of my children this idea - parties that is!!)
  12. Evening hun - this is EXACTLY how my house is at the moment - if anyone walked in by accident they would think they had stumbled upon a break-in!!!! (maybe that is a little exaggerated, but put it this way - there are chores which I've been meaning to do but there are just so many other more appealing diversions....hehe!)...and actually the weather doesn't help - I was speaking to a friend today and she is so cheesed off (and she has a new baby to deal with too!) that she is tempted to treat herself to another handbag (and this is a lady with an already far too impressive and envious collection).....:greengrin:

    Attempted to do some weeding in the courtyard between downpours but only managed 15 mins before heavens opened (again!)....have been holed up today waiting for courier delivery with FedEx which should have arrived yesterday - but our region is on severe flood alert - so the article in question - vintage guitar from US for hubby - may well be floating it's way out to sea as we speak!! - thank goodness it wasn't a Mulberry!!! :graucho:);)

    By the way, acting on your sound advice, Lady Octavia has been demoted from her throne to a low Indian table (it is a sweet little handpainted table actually - thought I'd better handle her demotion by degrees - you know what she's like: "Princess and the Pea!!" springs to mind!) - but I don't think she is too happy at near ground level - especially as there are potential hazards like little kittens roaming around - actually - note to self - better move her - don't want the little peskies getting any ideas...:graucho:

    Banging on as per usual - but I am bored, Wimbledon ladies final has finished, and there is little to excite on the telly - perhaps I need 50 Shades of Grey! - how are you getting on with it?!.....

    Thought you were on the verge of a reveal - did your package eventually arrive (just being my nosey old self)....?:graucho:

    Forgive ramblings, as I said I really am bored tonight......I'll hop off here for now and start that new thread - reckon we all need a giggle!:biggrin:....
  13. Oh I don't know where to start Rox! I am currently mid internet puppy birthing thread...very interesting hmmm how many Mulberry bags does one puppy buy (in case there is anybody herein who doesn't get the I do not promote puppies for Mulberrys). Have done downstairs housework but upstairs :shocked::shocked::shocked:, where did the Mulberry housework fairy go? Has anybody seen her? Please tell her I need her...

    My front courtyard has been calling me ALL!! week but I was pretending not to hear, she's been ok and slightly submissive but I'm a bit scared of the gigantic stinger that is being very rude snuggling in my dare she!!

    Very pleased to hear that Octavia has been demoted albeit not a cardboard box but heyho it has to be done gently...

    YES!!! She arrived very safely and she is safely snuggled with her sisters in her dustbag (oh I hate those dustbags with their non see though material), she is waiting for another sister as she wasn't feeling secure. I am now positively and utterly completely and utterly brassick..will have to get selling on eBay as although I said yet again "I am on the sofa" I already have the next purchase in mind....Oh God help me please let me leave TPF!!!
  14. hahaha No! Not allowed. Enjoyed the rant though DP:p
  15. Your existence sounds as mad and manic as mine!!!! - and yes, I too am getting to the penniless stage - why are these gorgeous bags so blooming expensive - and I'm really worried as I fear I have now well and truly caught the Bays bug (a very severe complaint - prob more of a concern than PFS!) - have you checked out Mo's delicious piccies of emerald and grey suede printed Bays....ooooh.....:drool:

    - yes I too am really in NEED of a very big comfy sofa ( actually I already have one of those I I said I may locate it again when I attempt the housework......and don't get me on the subject of weeds....they are the bain of my life...but pleeeease don't leave without dear DP just wouldn't be the same!!!:p;)