AT LAST !!! my dark silver reissue 226 from Paris is here!

  1. My internet was down for several days due to strong rain and wind, I was not able to post my new chanel bag!!! :wlae:

    This bag was ordered through my SA in Rue Cambon, Paris and was shipped August 3 and arrived via fedex Aug 6 (just 3 days), however when it got here, fedex called to advise that our local customs is charging duties and taxes... it took me several days to negotiate with them. In the end I decided to just pay the duties and taxes! :crybaby:

    But the total cost was still worth it!!! since Paris took out 16% as rebate from the retail price.

    Will definitely post pics tonight :yahoo:
  2. here are the pics!!!
    dark silver - white light.JPG

    dark silver - white light2.JPG

    dark silver reissue 226 inside.JPG

    with my reissue.JPG

    dark silver reissue 226-3.JPG

  3. Congrats! It's a great choice! Post pics soon!

    IMO, Rue Cambon has the best range of Chanel...
  4. She's gorgeous! :drool:
  5. Gorgeous!
  6. BEAUTIFUL! and a 16% rebate is a pretty good deal!!! Congrats :smile:
  7. Nothing beats buying directly from the Rue Cambon!

    Congrats and enjoy your lovely reissue!
  8. Congrats. It's gorgeous.
  9. Wow!! Just gorgeous!! Congrats!!!
  10. Congrats! you're gonna love it! :smile:
  11. congrat! it's gorgeous
  12. I love that bag! Congratulations!
  13. Sophia, congrats! That bag is just FAB and TDF...
  14. thanks everyone! this bag made me lose a lot of sleep considering it was stuck with customs for 10 days until i decided to pay the duties and taxes...
  15. gorgeous!!!