At Last, I've Done It!!!

  1. Sorry to shout but at last I've managed to get my pic and my avatar downloaded - it's taken me forever! :sweatdrop: Now when I get back from my week away I can join in properly with photo's, etc! :yahoo:

    Avatar is me with my two babies, Jack & Ben, didn't know which one to put on first so put them both on!

    Sorry if the thread title sounds more interesting than the content but I'm just so excited! :wlae: :lol: :wlae: :lol:

    (Also sorry (I say that a lot!) if I've come through in the wrong place)
  2. Awwww, your dogs are adorable!!!! I might take a pic of my sweet yorkie too for my avatar!!!!!:yes:
  3. Thank you Bagluvluv, they'e real terriers though even though they look pretty! What's your yorkies name?
  4. Cute!!! I was really excited, too, when I first figured out the whole avatar thing.