At last I have a Breguet Reine de Naples! But…

  1. I don’t know whether I want to keep it, LOL.

    First, can I just tell you ladies that I have never ever had such a divine watch on my wrist! Lots of watch nerds have said that I would insane to go for anything but a Patek but surely the elegance of that is nowhere near this lump of junk metal: everything on this is just seems so right – for me anyway, LOL – even down to the B on the clasp matching my first name :greengrin:.


    Now the problem is and I bugged the man in the shop for an hour on this as well as getting a free meal at a hamburger bar before stumbling towards an indecisive decision: I like two versions but I only have money for one watch.:sweatdrop:

    Which one do you think? I have the option until Friday of returning this one in exchange for the other version but I cannot decide which one to keep :upsidedown:.

    1) The version I have which is as close as you can get to the original worn in 1812 by Caroline Murat who was Napoleon’s sister and Queen of Naples.


    2) More contemporary version, the one that I originally love and went to the boutique for. The numbers on the dial and the pear-shaped ice at 6 o’clock are HOT.

    This is the other version with the advert I saw it from (eBay pic):

  2. I like choice 1.
  3. I love the one you got! Keep it!
  4. the first one - it's gorgeous and very classy but still has a little kick for style and I think that years from now you will still love wearing it.
  5. I love the one you have already!
  6. No contest. #1. Gorgeous watch! LOVE IT!
  7. i also like #1
  8. I prefer #1.
  9. That's a gorgeous watch! I say keep it!
  10. I like the one you took home, too - I prefer the simpler elegance and the vintage look.
  11. I'm with the rest of the ladies. #1 is gorgeous!
  12. Thank you for every lady's opinions:heart:. You make my life easier:p. So it seems I will be keeping number 1!

    Husband saw it this evening and only said: Honey, when are you going to wear that? I don't know may be around the house, LOL.

    Actually I cannot believe this. Everyone is saying no contest for number 1 (10/10). Now I am getting worried that my head is like this :upsidedown:!

    Does anyone like the second at all or it is really me that has weirdo taste liking the numbers?
  13. I say keep #1, but I do like #2 also, it's cool looking. But if I had to pick, I'd pick 1. :yes:
  14. I don't like No. 2 at all but No. 1 is quite nice and has a cool history!
  15. #1 is more timeless while #2 is more modern and fun. I prefer #1. I love Breguet. I currently own 2, one of which I never take off. I also love Hublot but that's another discussion.

    I really don't think you can go wrong with #1