At last I bought it!!!

  1. oh I´m so excited about my new LV accesoire. It´s so damn cute!!!!!!!! and since most of the new purchases of some pférs have had us to guess, I´ll do it too :P

    I didnt´t planned it when I took the photo so the first one is a little confussing.

    a clue: it has a nose...
  2. oh I always forget to attach the pics sorry!
  3. it has a nose??

    Something from koala line..
  4. maybe... well not koala but it has the same "nose"
  5. Dunno... :shrugs:
  6. nope... oh this is funny!
  7. u must guess with this one...
  8. oh..denim pouch..cute...
  9. The little denim round pouch!!! Oh how cute!!! Congrats!!! :biggrin:
  10. is it speedy case?
  11. thanks! yep it is so cute and roomy, its like a second wapity:yahoo: I´m sooo excited
  12. oh that's too cute!
  13. That is so cute! Congrats! How much can you fit in there?
  14. Lookin' Good...Love it!
  15. adorable. :smile: congrats!
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