At last here are my pics...

  1. Here are my two latest Hermès family members...!!:love: :biggrin:
    P1010626.JPG P1010629.JPG P1010631.JPG P1010632.JPG P1010633.JPG
  2. I'm not an Hermes expert, but what is the light colored bag called?
  3. Beautiful bags, Duna! Thanks for posting pics! :smile:

    I love love love your croc Pullman...looks incredible! Do you know how old is it ?

    The Masai is lovely too! Etoupe is such a cool & understated color!
  4. Pursegal, the light colored bag is Hermes "Masai". It comes with 2 straps, a shorter one which you can use to wear the bag shoulder style (like the way Duna did in her photo), and a longer one that allow you to wear the bag messenger style :smile:
  5. ^^^ Thanks gigi :biggrin:
  6. Congrats duna!! I love your Hermes Masai. It's a great slouch bag where you can just match it up with jeans, a t-shirt, flats, big sunglasses & tie your hair back into ponytail.
  7. That Pullman bags looks FABULOUS. It looks like it will actually go with anything, despite the "specialness" of the croc. Yuuummmmm!
  8. Hi Gigi! The Pullman is from 1959; I've just got back from Hermès where I took it to have it refurbished. My SA was amazed by it's beaty and good condition, she called the manager to show it to him aswell and he told me it's one of the most beautiful vintage H bags he's ever seen... they also said that it's Porosus (because of the dots) I hadn't noticed this detail...Anyway, they are sending it to be cleaned and generally refurbished and also they're asking a price estimate for making a new clochette (actually the actual clochette is fine, it's just the string that's breaking...:biggrin:
  9. Great pics! The croc is gorgeous, and I'm seriously loving the Masai. I had never seen that one before. Is the top open, or does it have a zipper?
  10. Duna, you have a tresured jewel. It is really a special piece. You can really see the beauty of the bag. I wish you all the best. I am sure with your care that bag will outlive all of us. Congrats!!!
  11. wow, I love the croc pullman! simply gorgeous!
  12. Beautiful Duna!! You must be very excited - love the croc and the color etoupe of the other bag...nice neutral...
  13. wow, congrats duna! the vintage pullman is an amazing find.... just lovely!
  14. Beautiful bags Duna!! The colors are great neutrals. I love vintage croc so much and the Masai looks comfortable to wear. Thanks for sharing pics.
  15. it has two zippers that meet in the middle - they are on separate zipper tracks (for lack of a better word) that each start at one end and end in the middle, so they always meet in the middle. very charming detail actually.