At last here are my bags!

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  1. At last my brother has come to the rescue ! here are all my hermes goodies !!!!!

  2. :yes: :upsidedown: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: OUTSTANDING!!! delicious. wowee!!!
  3. Thank you hi heels !:smile:
  4. Oh it's ALL Stunning!!!!! Please details too....I see the Bj but is the red Vermillion? And how do you like your Kelly clutch? I'm still thinking about getting one myself! And your scarves are beautifuL!!!! Everything is beautiful!!!!
  5. That is an AMAZING collection! Just dying over the blue jean birkin! Love it! And is that a Marron Fonce birkin?? Need details girl- thank you for sharing though! I just love everything!
  6. Wonderful collection and a nice variety of colors!!!
  7. Sorry heres the details------all bags are 35 " bj togo,ebene vache leigee, red one i have forgotten ! orange vespa, black evergrain clutch (only got it yesterday but i think i am going to love it!) scarf is 15 years old my now husband then boyfriend aged 18 bought it for me ! chaine bracelet and the new necklace which i dont know the name of!!! thank you for your responces i am so pleased to be able to show them thanks to my brother !!!!:smile:
  8. Gorgeous!!!:love:
  9. Fabulous collection!
  10. That is a stunning collection!
  11. everything is BEAUTIFUL!!!
  12. You have a wonderful collection. I love all the colors. Thank you for sharing.
  13. Oh wow, beautiful collection!!! I love the Vespa!
  14. Absolutely beautiful collection!! I'm thinking about the clutch and I love the evergrain -- what is retail on that (if you don't mind....)?

  15. beautiful! I love hearing the story about how you got your first piece of Hermes too, your now husband then boyfriend is very sweet :smile: