AT LAST! First Bal Purchase ... Did I Choose a Keeper?

  1. Congrats on your first bag! Share pictures please ;)
  2. Is it just me who can't see the pictures in this thread or?
    But anyway, I saw the pictures on the RDC thread - its awesome color! Beautiful bag! Congrats! :smile:
  3. gorgeous bag, love the indigo - what a stunner and definite keeper. blues, esp blue bals make me weak!

    taskelover: re images - my laptop has only been displaying some images today - not sure what's up there but its not just you!
  4. Aww, thanks girls! I've only worn her once, because I'm trying to baby her, but once I get over my protective instinct, I think she'll be in regular rotation! ;)
  5. Just logged on and saw the pictures! Love the bag.
  6. What a perfect first Bal!!! Love the oldies. Congrats and enjoy it!!
  7. Beautiful color!