At last!Fall-Winter 2007/8 accessories and ready -to-wear

  1. thanks for the link, Chanel has some yummy things this fall!
  2. I assume there are so few they are going to be adding more?
  3. I just hope so too!:smile:
  4. Thanks for the heads up, and I hope they do add more.
  5. Fall-Winter 2007/8 accessories...the tiny gold bag on the selection # 4 was in the Beverly Hills NM on Monday and it was a cool $6,5??.??. The one they had was more of a dark silver / pewter color...the SA called it the Chain Drop. It was a nice weighty little bag - very precious but extremely tiny, except for the price. hehehe.:p
  6. I bet if it was of real gold it would have cost less lol!:huh:

    I think the prices on eve and fabric bags are insane!:push:
  7. Thanks for the info
  8. I love this Fall's ready-to-wear collection....the clothes are so gorgeous.
  9. I couldn't agree more -- that the fabric bags are priced out of the ball park. Just from the pics I am drawn to the fabric bag with jeweled pins (next to the blue and blk boots. But I think I saw a price of $6K in a mag and thought yeah, right. (At least the charm bag is leather, albeit $1 more.) Geesh, choke -- it's more than I paid for a euro 280 SL 15 years ago -- just to put things into perspective.
  10. i'm dying for the booties and boots in slides 2 & 3 of RTW to come in--sure hope they will be cute on. i'm also looking for the hat in slide 5. i saw a lot of the gorgeous RTW in person already but will have to wait till sales hit...prices are just so insane!
  11. Chanelspell, thanks for the heads up, I'm going to check it out