At last...Annie is here!

  1. Well I got there in the end, the UPS delivery man has me marked up as a total nutter as I couldn't contain myself at his arrival :party:

    I have to hand it to a lady called Carolyn at Edinburgh Mulberry, she even put a nice little hand written note in with the bag.

    So I'm totally smitten with my new bag, it was a bit touch and go there for a bit as I thought I'd lost out with the whole 'we've run outta stock' probs, and I'm still so sorry for anyone, namely our Aine that is still struggling so I wont go on, but thanks for all the help given by you all when I was :boxing:
  2. Great result in the end !!

    Must have some pictures after all of that :smile:
  3. Glad it arrived!!!! I am just going absolutely nuts waiting for mine!!!

    Don't you sometimes feel sorry for those delivery guys?????:okay::okay:
  4. So pleased you got it. Lovely to hear a successful story.
  5. Great news! So glad you managed to get one in the end. Looking forward to pics!
  6. Brill- you must post modelling pics on the catwalk thread!!! - please:shame:
  7. Fab!!! What colour did you go for?
  8. Isn't it funny that you want something more than ever, when you think you can't have it...well done!!
  9. Fantastic :tup: Im glad you like it. You know Im coming round to this style!!
  10. Sooo pleased you got yours!!! I would have been soooo upset had I not found Mabel.... Now of course I'm jealous of you lucky buggers who have Annies!!
  11. Thank you ladies! I'll add some pics at the weekend, I promise :wlae: