At home, on tPF on a Friday Night!

  1. Is there anyone out there at home on a Friday night too?

    Work has been crazy busy the whole month, and it's been the earliest since I got home since the start of the year (9pm). And prolly the only reason for that is cos it's my Mom's birthday, so it was the best reason to come home early to celebrate with her.

    And here I am. All cosy in my room, eating dinner off my lap, and on my Mac just soooooooo pleased to finally a night in, and just "hang out" on tPF the entire night and also to finally sort out my music files, with no expectations from friends or the BF!

    I'm just feeling SOOOO good right now. Anyone else staying in too? :drinkup:
  2. You and me both babe! I'm just glad to be home kicking my feet up, relaxing and not thinking about anything except for the package I'm expecting to receive next week..LOL
  3. I'm at home marking a trainee's diary from her first trial flight... soooo boring.
  4. ^ Really? I think it sounds interesting..LOL maybe cause I haven't read one before...
  5. No, I've had two fails.

    This feels bad, but it makes me laugh when people fail lmao!
  6. :drinkup: What package are you expecting next week? :graucho:

    Poor you... Having to bring work home. At least you're deriving some sorta pleasure outta it!
  7. Hmm...sounds nice! It's only 8:45 am here, but I'm looking forward to my evening. DH is going to game night, where he plays video games with the guys, and won't be back until late. So I'm going to do some laundry, hang out on TPF and watch a movie.
  8. I wish it was Friday night already, I'm at work till 2:30, so at least my Friday night comes sooner than many!
  9. It isn't night yet, but I will be staying in. I am sick. :crybaby:

    I must admit though that I am usually so wiped from working that I usually always stay in on Friday night. Saturday is my going out night.
  10. i really really really want to stay in tonight (i've been sick all week) but a friend is in town and wants to have drinks. i'm still trying to figure out how to get out of it.

    it's only 7am here. time zones are crazy to me.
  11. Only 10:30 am here, but when the time comes and I *finally* get home, I'm staying there. This week has been crazy!
  12. cosmogrl5 and ilzabet - I hope you ladies feel better after staying in, so you won't be down the either coming weekend :flowers:

    Hang in there, if your Friday has only just started! Mine's about to end in 15 mins, so I really need to focus and sort out my music files! It's just that tPF gets a lil too addictive after not being to check in as often as I'd like. :rolleyes:
  13. Not night yet, but when it does roll around I will be lurking around tpf :smile:
  14. yeah. i am definitely staying in tonight (i started throwing up right after i posted this....but i feel better now) quiet night with hubby and puppies. it's what i wanted all along.
  15. I'm at home. It's snowing a lot now, which will make it very difficult to walk home more or less intoxicated later, and I'm tired and have some school stuff that I want to catch up on. Also, I have sushi :biggrin: