At Home Hair Dye/Color Q&A and favorite brands


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Feb 16, 2007
Hi, I was thinking about dyeing my hair at home this time, and I was wondering which kind works best. I'm not sure what color I want but I know I want something bold, thats why i've been thinking about Garnier 100% Color. Has anyone else used Garnier 100% Color?


Oct 12, 2006
Go to Sally's and get some Color Gems and a bottle of developer for it. The lady will help you.

This is a demi-permanent color, so even if you mess up, or don't like it, it will wash out in I forget how many shampoos, maybe 24.

And don't forget to pick up some gloves and a squeeze bottle!


Mar 26, 2007
About six months ago, my regular hair color was 'reformulated'. Unfortunately the new version is nothing like the says in longer, but it's harsh and not pretty.

I have no problem paying to go to the salon, but after a few not so great experiences chose to do it myself.

Any experiences with home color products, (permanent) would be much appreciated!


Feb 14, 2006
Love that color!

I ocassionally color my hair at home and I personally find that all the dyes are the same in terms of quality. I don't find that there's a brand that is really better than another, it's just the color on the box that is most important.

I think brown is a relatively easy color to do especially if your hair is light!

I'm no expert, but I took a look at Hilary Duff and I would suggest choosing a brown with red undertones would be the closest. Avoid brassy browns or flat solid tones. If you're light haired, go for a medium brown. If you're dark haired, go for a lighter brown. If the color comes out darker than you expected, several washes will lighten it up overtime.

Having said that, I'm pretty sure Hilary had it highlighted with a darker blond for her first layer. And then a complete brown on top for that multi dimensional look.

Good luck and always do a test patch in case you're allergic to the dye!


Jan 12, 2006
I've been coloring at home for about 10 years and have always used L'Oreal products and have had luck w/ them.
I am a light brown and go all the way to a light blonde at home by myself.
I've used Feria, Preference, etc. . .


Sep 2, 2006
i used to color my own but my hair was turning SO brassy from now i am back to the salon.
but if you just want a little oomph, try a color glaze or something like the new Clairol color mousse (washes out in 8 shampoos).


Dec 14, 2007
I've used a bunch of them too, and never had a problem. Don't buy anything cheap - stick to name brands - L'Oreal, Feria, etc. My most recent favorite is Clairol Perfect 10 - I'm always on a quest for the perfect color, and that one is the best I've found so far (and it only has to process for 10 minutes instead of 25-45!).

If you're using a dark color, wipe off your forehead and around your hairline because dark colors will stain your skin. It's nothing tragic - comes off with a little Vaseline - but it often stains a bit for a day or so. (Happens to me when I'm not reallllllly careful coloring my eyebrows!)

Also, be sure to rinse your color til the water is clear, and then rinse it for a few minutes more. Otherwise, you'll get residue on your pillow case (washes off so no big deal, but gross). Just rinse and rinse, and then use the conditioner (most kits come with one). Try not to shampoo for 24 hours after you color - that will help your color last longer.