At home hair colour-will it ruin me for the salon?


Oct 14, 2008
I've always had my hair coloured at the salon, but right now I'm at that point where I don't want to spend $150 for a colour. I normally have my hair done a very strong, bright red that has now faded into a light reddish brown. I'm thinking of colouring my hair back to my natural colour for a few months (medium-dark brown) until summer is over and the red won't fade so quickly. But if I use home hair dye, does that mean I won't be able to go back to red without bleaching?

I would call my stylist and ask, but she's a family friend and I know she will be angry if I tell her I plan on doing it myself and try to convince me to come in.


Dec 8, 2010
I'm not a stylist, but have been coloring my hair for a long time and if there's anything I know, it's color does not remove color. I assume you'll need a color stripper (not necessarily bleach) if you ever decide to go back red again.

Also, I would still consider going to a professional to go from red to brown. They say don't ever attempt anything at home that's more than 2 levels lighter or 2 levels darker.


Aug 23, 2009
If you dye your hair yourself go to sallys & the girls there can usually help you pick a color that youd need. Personally myself I got tired of dying my hair red as much as i LOVE that color on me, its just so hard to maintain it. I went back to my natural color which is a dark brown but I had to strip my hair so I would have NO red undertones. Now I'm going blonde so it's a little easier for them to get my color to lift blonde. I think either way they'd probably strip it unless you get a light ash brown maybe & it wouldn't be as hard. You can also call other salons & ask their opinions & theyd help you !


Dec 27, 2005
If your hair is longer then your ears I think there is a good chance you will ruin your hair doing at home permanent hair color. The problem is changing the color and then wanting to change it again in the fall. If you deposit a darker color on the red it may not take even and come out more then one color. If you dye it brown you have to strip all the color off to go back to red.

I think the best option to try is a semi permanent color like natural instincts which last about a month. It will not ruin your hair and you have nice shades to choose from. Of course a beauty supply store will probably offer some great semi permanent products like this. You might need a filler to make the color stick to your hair. It can be done, I have messed with my hair for ages and did about everything possible to it.