At-Home Chemical Peel - which one is best?

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  1. I will soon be looking to buy a new at-home chemical peel and I am looking for suggestions. I would really prefer something with lactic acid, but will use glycolic acid, as well. I am not looking for a daily face wash or moisturizer or something to use daily, but rather something like a mask that you leave on for a little while once a week or once a month. I am used to Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel, but want to try something new for a change. Please do not suggest those peels that you buy from those sites selling 50% glycolic acid or 70% lactic acid, etc. I am too nervous to try those and feel like it would be too risky to use on my skin. Something available at Sephora or a Department store is more what I'm looking for. Thank you! :smile:
  2. I just ordered a chemical peel from I dont really know if thats what you are looking for or not. Its definitely not available at a store though lol!
  3. LMAO! I totally skipped the part where you said not to suggest the exact same thing I suggested. Whoops!

    I guess Im not much help then!
  4. LOL!!! Queen yep those are exactly the ones that I am too afraid to try! It's okay but thanks for posting! ;)
  5. hey its not a chemical peel. Its call a face peel... I am in love with this stuff, it really works wonders on your face.
    its called MD Skincare : Alpha beta daily face peel.
    You can get it at sephora for 75$. I know its alot but if there is a sephora around your area you could get smaples before you buy.
  6. do a search...this has already been talked about extensively.

  7. I use this company Queen recommended and I never had any problem with them. If you read their site, it tells you EXACTLY which type of product to by for YOUR skin....whether you use their product or not.

    Really, I think you should investigate exactly what you want or need before you put anything on your face. Also, lactic peel is not near as harsh as glycolic. Also, depending upon your skin type and how long you leave the product on will determine how much you "peel." Personally, I don't peel. My skin just gets really flaky and dry and I set the dead skin. But it does do wonders.

    If you use any of these products, be sure to use sun block and don't sit out in the sun.

    The product I use from them is below.
    40% Lactic Acid Kits [​IMG]
    In Category: Lactic Acids More Information
  8. I use the same exact peel as ladybug with great results. MUAC offers small 1oz sample sizes that last quite a while. The staff is great at answering questions and their website has a lot of info.
  9. Thank you for your "kind" suggestion. I did do a search and the only ones that come up are ones for the dermatologist's office and the ones that are pure and a little risky to perform yourself at home, like that you order from those chemical sites offering pure professional-grade dermatologist peels and that is not what I want. What I am looking for is very different from that. And to my knowledge, there are no threads with any such suggestions and I tried various search criteria. If you do find these "extensive threads" that have exactly what I am looking for, please post them for me and I will be very appreciative. :yes:
  10. Thanks for your suggestions, everyone! I will be looking into them. But like I said before, I am just a little too nervous to use those peels that you get from sites like makeupartists choice because I have no idea what I am doing and don't want to take a chance. I know they explain thoroughly, but it just makes me too nervous to try, so those are out of the question for me.
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    Thanks, I just checked this one, and found it to have some good reviews!

    Has anyone tried this one, by REN?;jsessionid=GWLM0SC1A24HSCV0KQTRXCQ?id=P203616&categoryId=C7011
  12. Im a fan of most Philosophy products, the Microdelivery peel is great to use once a week. What type of skin do you have? Thats also a factor in which product is best for you.
  13. I have light, freckled skin, mildly sensitive.
  14. Dry or Normal? Wrinkled or Tight? sorry for the questions :smile: but I can help if I know what you have hehe