At a party today and tried not to laugh...

  1. I am at a party today and having a good time with friends and a group of women are drooling over their fake handbags and showing each other.......I mean plastic handles and trim. So I really don't know what is going and it turns out this one lady sells them, has purse parties at home......they are all going on and on how "their" purses are so perfect just like the originals and nobody could tell the difference. The lady keeps saying about how they are all made in China and just so perfect. I am doing my best not to laugh with my friend because the purses were plastic looking and tacky. I mean if one thinks plastic leather can pass for leather-good for them. They were smashing LV and said how they would never spend money to buy the real thing. Which is OK. I am sure they though my LV was fake but I was not in their circle so I did not talk about purses to them. The funny part was this one lady was going on and on how her purse was original and she would never buy a fake and this woman comes to the party and tells her what a nice fake she has and she can buy it from her.:yahoo:
  2. Omg, I would not be able to keep my big mouth shut.. What an awful situation, I cannot believe how tacky some people are.. Report the lady to the authorities LOL, after all she's doing something illegal..
  3. I thought it was illegal to sell fake goods too; but I remember seeing people in Kiosks in the malls selling "inspired by" designer stuff. I mean LV, MJ, SPY, Balenciaga etc. I don't know if it's against the law; because if it was, wouldn't eBay and yahoo be in trouble for allowing those stores that sell fake goods on their site?
  4. As for those ladies, if it makes them feel good to invest in fakes, more power to them. I think that insulting others for investing in the real deal shows poor taste.
  5. It is illegal, but that doesn't really prevent people from doing it. Also, the USA hasn't cracked down on it as much as say, France has.

    I don't know that I would have been able to contain myself with that. I really am not mean and I wouldn't typically call anyone out at random over a fake bag, but that would have been quite the sight.
  6. You know what's even funnier? These fakes are actually quite pricey for their terrible quality!:p
  7. how terrible! the nerve of these people.... somebody could totally call the cops on them.
  8. Well... at least u weren't part of the group. ^^ I think they should have kept it down rather than to flaunt their fakies.

  9. I know people that have paid around 100-120 for fake LV bags from some of these "purse parties" sick is that? i'd rather toss in another couple 20's and get a smaller coach or a dooney & bourke...and if you're really looking for a deal you can search tjmaxx or marshals and get some D&B's or coach's for a 100!
  10. I did notice one bag and the silver (plastic) name on it was crooked and looked like it was going to come unglued and fall off. Some of them even kept the little fake tags on their bags.....
  11. I have seen those kiosks in the malls too. Makes me sick. I have been around women that go to these "knock off" parties and they go on and on about "you can't tell the difference!" Well you know what? You CAN tell the difference....their bags look like s**t and mine doesn't.
  12. please don't judge others who chose not spend their money in the same way that you do. just as you think its "tacky" and "makes you sick" just looking at the mall kiosks, many think its tacky and sick to spend so much on bags.

    just try not to be so judgmental.
  13. ^^ I don't think she was meaning to be judgmental but merely that fakes are illegal and there are some out there which look awful!! People at tpf come from all different backgrounds but I am sure as a group we would much rather buy a well made non designer bag than spend a penny supporting fakes :yes:
  14. I have seen beautiful bags at Marshalls for $29.99 which look 100% better than all these fakes I see. I don't think one has to spend a ton of money for a good bag. I just think with fakes the quality is so cheap you are throwing your money away and you can get a pretty bag in a nice style and rock. I was at Syms (discount store) and they had one of the biggest selections of bags I have ever seen and the prices were great. My sister has hit sales at Loehmanns and bought great designer bags, she also lucks out at Coach outlet. I don't know how she does it but it is usually the sidewalk sales on holidays and then she seems to have coupons and has bought Coach bags for as cheap as $40.00. There are other alternatives than those plastic fake bags.

  15. :p to you.