at a loss

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  1. I bought something on Ebay and paid on the 5th. The seller states she ships within 2 business days, and I still haven't heard anything. I emailed her, and no response, and I know she has been using her eBay because new stuff was listed.

    How long do you have to wait before filling a claim with eBay? I know its a tad early, but i want to be prepared in-case she doesn't contact me, or provide tracking information.

    BTW she has super high positive feedback, so I am confused why she is ignoring me
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    Last edited: Oct 9, 2010
    Some seller have bad communication skills, how long ago since you last email her? I think you can't file a dispute for item not received just yet. I would send seller another email and make it clear that all you wanted to know is when she will be sending the ITEM and to give you the tracking number and tell the seller that if by certain time you still not receive reply from her you will file the dispute if necessary.
    Good Luck OP.
  3. also make sure when you e-mail her you email through ebay and not directly to her email address...
  4. Go to eBay and click anywhere where it says anything about Buyer Protection. All the details--# of days and how to open a dispute, etc.--are there.

    You can open an INR dispute if you don't received what you bought within three days of the expected delivery date (as noted on the transaction page, based on the seller's terms) or 7 days after you paid.
  5. I know that we all get anxious when there's something we really want (I'm always checking tracking updates), but even thinking about a claim at this point is overkill, IMHO. You paid on the 5th, and per the seller's terms, they should have shipped before the 8th. Today is only the 9th. Not all sellers send tracking/shipment info, and it takes some people a bit longer to respond to e-mails. Honestly, if the seller has good feedback, I don't think you should have anything to worry about.
  6. I don't think you have anything to worry about. Sometimes sellers are too busy doing other stuff and just send your item and only start "caring" when it takes really long to arrive, or a buyer complains or files an SNAD. I honestly believe she already sent it! :smile: Don't worry!
  7. Totally agree here.
  8. Right plus there is a holiday this week so parcels may be slightly delayed.
  9. Me too, it has been only 4 days since the purchase.
  10. Thanks for your advice ladies. I got an email from her today so its all good, I just REALLY want the item haha!
  11. Patience, my dear. LOL! The post office is a little slow right now for some reason. I sent some parcels Priority last Saturday, and they took 4 days (inc Monday) to be delivered. :smile: Good luck!
  12. Don't worry just yet. I purchased something on a Saturday and didn't get a thank you message (composed by the seller) or any type of communication/tracking and the item arrived fast & safely by Tuesday. Some sellers just don't get that just a little bit of reassurance and common courtesy goes a really long way!