At 5th Ave store today along with around 30 Police Cars

  1. When to the 5th ave 57th street store today. 5th Ave was closed to traffic and there were around 30 Police cars lined up around LV along with Swat team truck...I thought OMG heart almost stop.....they were doing a Mock Drill for Tiffany's across the street.
  2. wow! I didn't know that stores do that. I wonder how much they pay the police to do a mock drill.
  3. omg a mock drill takes that much manpower and disruption!!???
  4. Wow, that's crazy. I didn't know stores did that either. ^
  5. wow, i would've loved to be there or at least see pics!
  6. They do drills ALL the time. I don't know about tiffany's but you always see a bunch of police cars line up in midtown, and then divide up and cruise around the city in groups with their lights on. a quite a sight
  7. Oh, this is NYC! Well, I don't think they do that here in Atlanta. Or maybe they do, that is very interesting. I wonder if only high end stores do this or do all stores do this?
  8. My DH and I were in NY today also and as we were walking up to the LV store we saw all the policecars.
    I was worried that someone had robbed LV and we wouldn't be able to go in :smile:
  9. Did not have my camera with me and did not think to use my camera phone sorry, what was amazing was the police cards where diagonally parked in front of LV
  10. oh my I never knew stores did that LOL
  11. Oh my
  12. Exciting!
  13. Holy cow.. I'm sure there were a lot of angry drivers in the midst of that !
  14. that is a usual scene especially on 42nd street crosstown
  15. Glad to hear all the Louis' are safe!