asur pouchette??

  1. I know there is a mino pouchette in azur but was there a reg shoulder-bag sized pouchette?

    feeling totally lost after not being here for over a day!:shame:

  2. I have the Damier Azur pochette...not mini. I've attached a pic.
  3. see i'm trying to decide if i need one for when i get a speedy too... can't decide if the mini or the reg is better.
  4. ^Regular size pochette is more practical than the mini pochette.
  5. i a few days i'm heading for PARIS - do you think it's possible to find an azur pochette in one of the stores there or are they even there sold out and long waitlisting???

    gonna waitlist in my town as soon as i'm back without one
  6. Yeah! I do agree with Pinki the regular size is more practical.
  7. ok i WANT that!

    the hunt is on!

  8. *cross fingers* Good luck! Hopefully they would have more in Paris! They running behind in production. Azur should be readily available by March sometime soon.
  9. I love Azur!!!
  10. Good luck getting a pochette!!

    I hope you're right pinki!! All this waiting for my speedy is making me buy other things!
  11. gads!!! Jill... If they aren't ready by then. Why bother to advertise the Sporty or the Hampstead?:confused1:

    Oh but don't we love intermission goodies?:graucho:
  12. I think this time Azur pochette is the best. I'm not a pochette fan but I have some (Cerises, Panda and Black MC). I may get an azur later. You make a great choice :smile: