1. I was curious if anyone on the PF has this? Its cute but I couldnt spend that kind of money on a flashlight. Anyone else feel that way?:shrugs:
  2. I bought one and took it back two days later. I am too cheap to spend this kind of $$$ on a small thing like that!:nuts::wlae:
  3. I was tempted cause it was so small and cute, but decided to get myself a new MC PTI wallet. Sorry but it just looks like a small christmas ornament.
  4. Star has one in both mono and mc
  5. I can't justify the $$ for that. Not my thing.
  6. I remember reading PFers voted this as the most overpriced small accessory that LV had and i had no idea what it was. After looking it up on eLux i agree that it's cute, but def not for that price.
  7. Its very cute but that is the most money per LV monogram (only 1!) I have ever seen!
  8. I had never heard of it either and just looked it up too. It is very cute but yeah, I'd rather get a wapity for that price :jammin: .
  9. cute item but I agree with others..I woul rather get something else for $$
  10. Same here: Think it's cute but too expensive for what you get.
  11. I don't even like it for the price. I mean yeah my Inclusion cell charm cost around the same amount but at least I can look at it every day and its different, not monogram canvas. I really wouldn't see myself needing to use the light all that much either.
  12. Too expensive for my taste.
  13. Being the accessory hog that I am I would love to have this piece but don't.... I saw it in person at LV and it is too cute in the black MC. I was thinking of getting it until I heard some people who have it say that it is faulty and has to go back to LV frequently. That's a turn off....
  14. It's really not something that appeals to any of my senses, expensive or not, LV or not.
  15. a very cute one:love: , i have seen it, so cute, but wayyy too expensive IMO:wtf:
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