Astropill Lv Flashlight!

  1. Here it is! The battery lasts for about a year and then you have to go back to LV boutique to replace the battery! I LOVE IT, It feels good! You press the flower in the center to turn on the RED light! SO cute!:love:
    astropill 025.jpg astropill 032.jpg astropill 027.jpg astropill 028.jpg astropill 021.jpg
  2. I saw a multicolor one on ebay but figured it was fake because I've never seen them. How cute!!! How much was it, star?
  3. :lol: That is cute.
  4. Adorable ! I especially love the name. ;)
  5. The price came to $246.10. I love the name too!:love:
  6. I did not know they made a mutlicolor one, I will find out this week, sometime. I want it, if so. Great gift!
  7. Here's a picture of the MC astropill.. !
  8. THANKS AYLA!:nuts: ....I HAD NO IDEA! I am calling for one in black now!
  9. Awesome ! Oh and they all have different coloured LV depending on where the pattern was cut, I would looove one with pink ! :amuse:
  10. hehehe, i saw those a few weeks ago! its so cute!!!
  11. I just ordered the white mc. Could the ladies on the 888 number be sweeter! My word! I talked to her for a half an hour!!
  12. that is SUPER cute :love:
  13. I saw it too and they're so cute! They come in monogram, white MC and black MC. Most of the girls there bought the black MC since they're afraid the white MC might get dirty fast. I think they're all about the same price too.

    Starr, do you know how much to cost to have LV replace the battery?
  14. Can they change the bulb? I hate those little red lights. It is cute, I always need something for seeing keyholes at night. I carry goofy mini flashlights in my purse.
  15. lol this is sooo adorable! geesh between this and those puppy shaped flowers i am going to be awwing all night