astringent ??

  1. Hi to all you makeup experts out there..

    Can anyone comment on the use of astringent? good for you or just a waste of money??

    if good, what is the best out there now ?
    I just started to use one by clinique again.. (off and on again!)
    and I heard from one colleague that is was just a way to make money,
    not really necessary for us in terms of helping out our complexion ..

    what do all you gals /guys think !!
  2. should use a toner after you cleanse your face and before any moisturizer or treatment product. It restores your ph balance and will help moisturizer etc. absorb into your skin more quickly
  3. I use a Clinique one sometimes, depends on the season. I was told it acts as a type of exfoliator and skin prep for moisture.
  4. If you have sensitive skin, don't use astringent. It burns!
  5. I'm a toner junkie because I have such oily skin. I've tried a few different brands, so the only advice I can give you is to make sure you get one without alcohol. The alcohol will strip away too much oil, causing severe dryness and (I've been told) premature lines.

    Right now, I'm using one by L'oreal, and I like it -- it's gentle and it smells nice. I recently finished up a bottle of toner by Lumene (available at CVS, if you have those near you) which I thought was great, too.
  6. Duh, I have bought so many astringents & rarely use, maybe I am just lazy :yes:
  7. Me too! I have a hard time using mine up. I have a Clarins clarifying lotion. All the names confuse me...astringent, toner, lotion...:confused1: