Astraqueen VS C'est Moi Bootie

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  1. I'm getting the c'set moi so they have my vote!!! I just can't make up my mind on what color!
  2. C'est moi pour moi! Is that french?
  3. yet another vote for the c'est moi!
  4. It's me... for me! :P
  5. The booties. The Astraqueens remind me of some Stuart Weitzman clogs I have. Comfy shoes though.
  6. C'est Moi!
  7. I guess I'm the oddball. I vote for the Astraqueen.
  8. Cest Moi booties! I dont' like the studs on the other style.
  9. The Astraqueen is fun, but the C'est Moi is far more beautiful imo. I could see the Astras on sale.
  10. that's what Laureen also said. I guess i'll just have to cancel my pre-order for those. there's nothing worse than paying full price and then seeing the shoe go on sale in 2 months later...thanks guys for all the input...:flowers:
  11. I looove the first pair, but I'd have to say the C'est Moi because you can wear it all the time!
  12. C'est moi! :flowers:
  13. I love the c'est moi - especially in teal - unfortunately it didnt work on my foot - so please post pics when you get them so i can :drool: over them.....
  14. I'm in the minority, but I really like the Astraqueens. They just look unique and edgy.
  15. I love the c'est moi! I'm thinking about getting them Black Kid!