Astraqueen VS C'est Moi Bootie

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  1. Hi Guys!!! I have a big dillemma and obviously need some advice from my stylish TPF friends. Oh, the sleepless nights deciding which pair of booties should I go with for this fall-driving me absolutely INSANE LOL....I cannot decide! and I dont think i can really afford to buy both of them(saving $$ for a Chanel bag). I love them both equally!!

    Here are the contenders:

    Astraqueen ankle bootie $895



    C'est Moi Booties in Teal Suede $825


    Thank you guys for your input!!! ;)
  2. C'est Moi Bootie is my favorite bootie for far, I think they are absoluetly adorable!!
  3. I'd go with the c'est moi booties, they're totally adorable - especially if you plan to get them in teal!
  4. C'est Moi all the way!
  5. c'est moi, definitely, imo
  6. Definitely the C'est Moi :smile:
  7. Another vote for the C'est Moi!
  8. WOW... no takers for the astraqueens? hmmm, interesting....
  9. The Astraqueen is okay, but I think the C'est Moi is way cuter. I think the Astraqueen will make it to sale if you really want them.
  10. another c'est moi! i think the astraqueens aren't so fall-like because of the small slit. not that that would really make a difference with the warmth :-p but still
  11. C'est Moi gets my vote!
  12. C'est moi is way cuter and sexy at the same time too.
  13. C'est Moi!
  14. I really like the Astraqueens...but the C'est Moi just put me over the edge! get them NOW!!
  15. count me in for c'est moi too! they are just so cute!