Astrakan bowler

  1. I am looking at the pics of the Astrakan and I see that it can be carried on the shoulder. Was anyone expecting a shorter strap? So the stypes are: flap, tote, and bowler. Maybe I am looking for a satchel style. Has anyone seen one lately? Also, did the MC come in a glazed brown?
  2. I saw the bowler and the flap at Saks BH. The flap was too tiny for me (5'10") but the bowler was a little overwhelming. I think it is a gorgeous bag and it fits well over the arm etc but it is just a little bigger than I wanted it to be...
  3. I wonder if Chanel will bring out other styles.
  4. I have the astrakan sac camera~only two in BC and it is amazing. They were quited limited due to the labour involved in the process of the bag.
    It really is nice:smile:
  5. Do you have any pics?
  6. The MC came in glazed brown in the flap and the large tote.
  7. I really wanted the Astrakan but I thought it would be smaller. How does it compare size wise to the Lady Braid? Seems more like a tote vs a bowler. I hope I am wrong.

    Luxury, I will check the threads for a pic of the glazed brown. Hope it is still around. Thanks.