Aston style??

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  1. Hello! Please forgive me if I've used the wrong style but I have seen these bags at my Neiman's Last Call for $415 and I think I might get one. I was wondering what you ladies thought of them. I know they aren't the newest but I think they are so cool looking and I feel I can rock the
    L.A.M.B even still at 42! I'm a cool/hip Mom of two little boys and I just love Gwen (we happen to share a birthday of October 3rd!)This is the bag.....I hope I can make this attachment work. They also have the other shape, more like a square...:yahoo:

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  2. OOooh, the Aston Fia in Flannel. Very pretty. I have the Aston Fia in Black and I love it. It was my Christmas present this year, and it so cute! If you love it, rock it!

    The squarer shape is the Winston I believe. There are some pictures of Gwen with it.
  3. Oh, cool! They also have it in black but I already have the glazed satchel in black which I LOVE! I have seen the pix with Gwen and the Winston...she always looks so cool...
  4. If I didn't already have the Fia in Black I'd get it in Flannel. I really had a super hard time choosing between them.
  5. I love it, and of course you can rock it at 42.......but of course I'd say that since I'm turning 40 in a minute... :yucky:
  6. I rock my LAMBS @ 52!:yahoo:
  7. My mom rocks her LAMB bags at 56!
  8. L.A.M.B. definitely transcends all ages....I say get one!!! That flannel is gorgeous. I also like the black.
  9. Oh yes! Get one! I don't have any of those on my Wish list but there's always the future b/c I do love the look! It's just the price- but that is a pretty good deal considering the retail of them. From what I've heard and can see- they are loaded w/ subtle details!! :drool: Major drool factor! I'm 31 and rock my LAMBs proud!
  10. My mom is in her 50's and while she doesn't have L.A.M.B. bags she does rock some L.A.M.B. clothes.
  11. i'm loving the fia.. kinda want the black one myself.. you definitely will rock that baby!
  12. I"m quickly approaching 41 and I know I rock my LAMB!!! :lol:
  13. :woohoo::tup: We Rock!:jammin::rochard:
  14. Oh this bag is gorgeous. I think you can wear L.A.M.B. at any age and I'm sure you will rock it too. Can't wait for some pics.