Aston Collection....Plum or Flannel?

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  1. Which one do you ladies like better?? I'm kinda partial towards the Plum myself. But I wouldn't kick the Flannel one outta bed either. :P

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  2. Plumb! I think it's the most gorgeous LAMB ever.
  3. I love it too. :yes: I want to see it irl so badly!!!

    I thought this was funny....showed it to my daughter and she said it's a 'Jessica Rabbit' bag. LOL But hey, look..........

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  4. OMG it is jessica rabbit! Your daughter's remarks crack me up. But seriously i think that plum bag is FIRE but the flannel ain't shabby either. I would rock em both at the same damn time! I wasn't feeling this line when it broke out but now I'm starting to really like its look- and that plum bag is a creation that only Gwen could give us.
  5. I like the plum.
  6. I didn't even know I was in love with the plum until I saw a picture someone took of it IRL. The purples used are so much more gorgeous than the sample pictures. I need to plot to make it my next LAMB. :heart:
  7. They're both great, but I really love the plum after seeing them both IRL.

    And stop lying - you'd never kick a LAMB out of bed!! or an MJ.... :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: that's why I luv ya!
  8. I dig both....but like the Plum better too.
  9. I think I need to see them in person. I dig the flannel a lot, but I just don't like the plum much from pics. I kinda like the black too, with the black hardware it's like "bat-bag"
  10. i think i like the plum better.. :tup:
  11. PLUM!!! It is soooo gorgeous!!!!
  12. I actually saw the plum at nordies last week..... i was on my way out though so it was just a quick glance.
  13. Gotta go with Flannel. Its more classic, and thats what this collection is all about.

    But then again I have ALWAYS hated any sort of red hue mixed with purple.
  14. I saw the Plum today and it's so pretty! They only had one of the Fia in Plum and one of the Winston in Plum and both had marks on them, so I had to pass. And they're lamb leather which is a no go here. Damn it. :sad:
  15. I really like the plum, but I think after a while you won't be loving the color combination anymore. The flannel on the other hand will be something that will last you for years.