Asthma & pregnancy

  1. Sorry that this is kind of long and detailed. I'm looking for reassurance from people who have asthma during their pregnancy and from all the nurses & medical professionals I know are on the board (hence some of the medical info here.)

    I've had moderate asthma for ~15 years, but it's usually well controlled with medication (used to take Advair, switched to Pulmicort when pregnant, after trying it out previously to make sure it was effective.) I maybe need a rescue inhaler 3-4 x/year, more if I get a respiratory infection.

    I had my first asthma attack during the pregnancy a couple of days ago, at 23 weeks. It was a pretty bad one. My rescue inhaler (Maxair) wasn't cutting it at first, to the point that I thought we might be headed to the ER, which I've never had to do before. After 3 puffs of Maxair, I could breathe again, but still felt really gunky and chest hurt. Used my Pulmicort before bed and didn't wake up wheezing or anything (of course, was so nervous about the attack and speedy from the Pirbuterol that I also didn't really sleep for quite a while.) Went to the doctor the next day, had a nebulizer treatment that really helped, since my chest was still hurting and feeling really gunky.

    She put me on antibiotics since she suspects an infection, and we switched my inhaler from Pulmicort to Symbicort (has a beta-agonist bronchodilator in addition to the steroid.) I have a reserve prescription for oral prednisone in case it's not an infection and I don't respond to the antibiotics.

    So, now I'm nervous about a few things: 1) Did I potentially harm the baby with the attack I had? It wasn't super-long and the rescue inhaler did work. I feel him moving around, so I know he's still active. 2) The drugs. I know that it's better for me to be appropriately medicated than to have another attack, but I'm a little bummed about switching off my Category B asthma med to a Category C one. Pulmicort is the only Cat B inhaled steroid, though, and that doesn't seem to have been cutting it.

    Would love to hear from others that had asthma problems and baby was fine!! Intellectually, I get it that I'm doing the right thing, but emotionally, I'm a little down about it...
  2. i know you will continue to worry, but many many people suffer from asthma and most all of them have healthy strong babies..myself included

    please try not to think about it, listen to your doctors.

    at 23 weeks, your baby is getting very strong...if he is moving around, that means all is well

    hang in there! do whatever you can to reduce your stress, and don't dwell on this.
  3. I have bad asthma..was on all those meds and my kids came out FINE!!!!
    NO WORRIES!Just feel betterI also worried about it as well...but dont....!!
  4. Thanks so much guccimamma and Jill! I'm feeling a bit better about it now, since things seem to have stabilized and breathing is back to pretty normal. I'm way less worried about the meds than I am about continued asthma attacks -- as I said, that was the first time I'd ever thought I might have to go to the ER, so it was all a bit scary, especially still feeling crappy the next day. Hopefully the new meds will keep doing the trick!
  5. Add me to the list of people with asthma would had kids (4 of them). Please don't worry. You need to treat your problem and the baby will be fine. Relax as best you can, as it will help with the breathing.