Asthma help

  1. Hi All,

    When I was younger I believe that I had a very mild case of Asthma. I didn't have to use an inhaler frequently but there were times that I did use one.

    Now recently (Friday) I went on a really big hike. I did the Grouse Grind, if anyone lives in Vancouver, it is pretty intense. It's a huge climb and it definitely isn't an easy hike.

    So after I did the grind, I felt a little light headed. I sat down for a bit and had some water. I thought maybe because I hadn't exercised in awhile, that it was possible that I was just out of shape. But, I use to be extremely athletic.... So, while I'm sitting in the car I realized that this time It is taking a lot longer for my heart rate to get back to normal. But eventually it did.

    That night I had difficulty breathing a little bit and was coughing (but somewhat wheezing) at the same time.

    Now, it's now Monday and it still feels like there is a blockage in my chest that is making it somewhat difficult to breath and a little blockage at the bottom of my throat.

    I am wondering if I am getting Asthma back? I'm at work today and can't leave to see my doctor... but I'm getting a little nervous.
  2. I don't think you can "get asthma back" it's chronic, so you've probably had it all along but with little or no symptoms. You should probably see your doctor ASAP.

  3. yes, i would visit your should always have an inhaler on hand.

    my ashma disappears for years, and I thought I was rid of it. My doctor told me you never lose the predisposition for it, and it could be aggravated at any time.

    I only get it in the fall, something about the change of season...then i forget about it for the rest of the year
  4. GO to a pulmonary doctor.U need to get pulm fuction tests to see if U r.I am asthmatic...a bad one.It got worse as I got be careful and get seen by a doctor!!Good luck!