AsterAlice Mystery Coupon 25-50% off

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  1. Offer Expires: 2.10.2010

    I won't be using mine. I checked and it's 30%. Works on sale items

    Code is ADPTSIH1971120

    Please post if you use it :biggrin:
  2. are these handbag replica?
  3. I just came to post my code too that I won't be using and it turns out it's the same :smile: Code ADPTSIH1971120 for 30%. So I guess it's not a one time use.

    diehardpurse: Aster Alice is a legitimate site, not replicas.

  4. LOL! Mine is the same, so I guess it's also for 30% off!


    diehardpurse....their bags are authentic
  5. OK so who got a 50% off code :graucho:
  6. Yeah that's what I want to know too!
  7. I want a code for 40 or 50 %.
  8. i got the same code too! there must be something better floating around...who has it?! :smile:
  9. Anyone have the 40% or 50% off one? :smile: