Assuming you know it's authentic, would you still never buy used LV?

  1. What are your reasons for not wanting to?
  2. I would buy used LV if it's at a great price and condition. :tup:
  3. If it;s something you can't buy anymore in store, then maybe. Otherwise probably not.

    I am pretty fussy about my things and would obsess over the slightest flaws. Especially for something expensive. I would rather pay full price for something perfect that I get to break in myself.

    And I'm leary of buying used online. People can lie too easily. If I saw one in person that was gently used, that might be different, but for now I'm an ELux girl (live in a black hole where the nearest LV store is in another state 3 hours away) Thank goodness for the Internet!
  4. I'm tempted to get a used speedy 30 but.. they all look soo.. horrendous. XD

    With all those ugly stains people have in them.. ugh!

    And i'd feel weird for having a used purse that I didn't get to break in myself.. ><
  5. I have bought used purses before but I like for them to be in decent shape. I just purchased today a BH used, only one year old, with even light honey patina, so that saves me from having to patina it, KWIM? Sometimes it is nice to have brand new, like I just bought a brand new zippy wallet, mini pouchette and koala agenda. It just depends on how used it is and what shape it is in.
  6. I have 1 used and I bought it because it was no longer available. I wanted a Speedy in Myrtille. I found it at a reputable consignment shop and had it authenticated.

    Otherwise, I would rather carry something new.
  7. I love pre-loved LV's. Depending on price and condition, I see nothing wrong with buying used.
  8. I'd buy it and love it as long as I get a good deal (at least $100 off retail for a gently used piece) and as long as the leather isn't stained or peeling.
  9. i got a great deal on two things recently and they both came today. i love them completely but my mother was like - why did you buy second hand that scarf has been wrapped around someone elses sweaty neck! it did make me think twice.
  10. I've purchased a few previously owned LVs under certain conditions: 1. excellent condition 2. reputable seller 3. excellent pricing 4. no longer available to purchase as new
  11. I for one love vintage LV so I have no issue with buying a pre-loved item.
  12. I have only purchased one used bag and love it! I thought I would feel "weird" or grossed out by it, but no way...plan on buying more!!!!:yahoo:

  13. Strongly Agree :yahoo::p:tup:
  14. I would absolutely buy used LV, as long as it was a good deal and the item was in good condition!
  15. I would only if, like someone else said, it wasn't available in the boutiques any longer and I HAD to have it (and it was in great shape ... I bought my Cerises Speedy 25 recently, but it was 99% new). Otherwise, if I can, I prefer to buy new because there is just something nice about knowing you're the first person to use the bag and then YOU get to break it in.