Assistance with New Purchase Request

  1. Hello everyone! This is the first time I have posted in the Coach forum. I have a situation and need some opinions. My friend received a 40% off coupon for anything in the Coach store due to a poor customer service situation. She is really mad at Coach currently, so she generously offered the coupon to me. I am excited to use it. I have my eye on the Legacy Hippie in Whisky. I wanted to get the opinion of any current owners out there. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Welcome!

    I looooove my Hippie (mine's in khaki/ebony). I use it all the time. It holds quite a lot and is so convenient. And I'm also a huge fan of whiskey Legacy stuff. I've got the whiskey shoulder bag and it's such a great colour. It goes with everything and looks good year-round. The only thing I didn't like about the leather Hippies is that I found them a bit heavy with all my stuff in them. That's why I ended up going for the signature instead. Plus I wanted something I could use in the pouring rain and not worry about, since I use it for walking the dog, going for walks with the stroller, sometimes for walking to my office, etc.

    I feel bad for your friend, but you're definitely benefiting from the whole situation! :yahoo:

    Oh, here's a link to some pictures of my hippie to give you an idea of how much it holds, etc. Sorry some of them are a bit blurry.
  3. the hippie is definately a cute bag.

    here's more pics if you need 'em (on a totally different body type than sialia...and don't the pjs just make it cuter, lol)


  4. the hippie is growning on me more and more
    i think its cute!!
    if you like it...go for it!!!
  5. I must have a hippie bag now! I love the white!
  6. I used mine on a black Mandy...
  7. I have a satchel not a Hippy but it is in Whiskey! I LOVE the color, it's too pretty for words! And scratches are a dream as is wetness, nothing shows~
  8. Wow.. Thanks everyone. I appreciate your efforts with all the pictures. I was surprised the hippie holds as much as it does. Thanks again! I am sold.
  9. get the whiskeym i'm dying for something in that color, and the hippy is delish!
  10. You rock it girl! I've never even thought about it until I saw those pics!